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D JAY'S LEGACY By David Scott
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Hustle and Flow II (D Jay’s Legacy) is a movie script in book format to entertain the intellect of my readers. It's based on a previous movie "Hustle and Flow" written and produced... More > by Craig Brewer. The movie is about D Jay a hustler from the streets and his group of accomplices who are all looking for a new lease on life. It resumes from the first movie “Hustle and Flow” proceeding where things left out and fast forwarding to D Jay’s Point of Release. The story is filled with redemption, reform, misconception, and crime, love, salvation and victory. I urge you to check out the first movie “Hustle and Flow” and then read this book to get an understanding of the whole story.< Less
The Psalters Of The Field By David Scott
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I asked myself "Why are we in a recession?" I replied - outrageous profit margins. So,I went to the library and repriced my book to reflect my thought - my book was priced $24.00 - now... More > it's priced $20.00 (you save $4.00). Showing people you don't have to make a hefty gain in order to prosper - the race isn't won by the swift but by the one who endures to the end. Manufacturing cost - $7.15 lulu commission - $2.57 and my revenue - $10.28 - making it affordable for people, so we all can prophet - profit from it (smile). The Psalters Of The Field is a collection of inspiring and encouraging poems and songs written to uplift and rejuvenate the life and soul of everyone. I give reverence to God for opening my eyes, my mind, and my heart to the changes necessary to get my life together and help others do the same. Lend me your ears while you sit back relax and enjoy. Ten percent of my revenue earning is donated to charity (March of Dimes). I thank you and send you my love, The Author: David Scott< Less