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Underhanded Religious Insurgency By Trevor Langevin
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Has your church pushed the same sex marriage & blessing agenda onto your congregation? Do you want to know why the church is tearing pages out of the bible to pass this? This is the forgiveness... More > of sins for money fraud all over again! The two main groups behind this scam are the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, but dozens of others are listed in the book. This book details the last 100 years of the scams these groups have doctored in the name of religion. The actions that the leadership of Christian religions have played on the unsuspecting population of the world are detailed. Christianity itself has not failed, but the leadership of Christian religions have failed us! By giving money to these tainted churches, you have contributed to funding terrorism and communism! Lenin himself even gave his approval for some church actions! How is Ecumenism connected to David Rockefeller? You blood will boil when you read just what your church has done in the name of religion!< Less
Conductive Electronic Weapons and their faults By Trevor Langevin
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Conductive Electronic Weapons and their faults is a book based on a Human Factors research project on the problems of using stun guns on commercial aircraft. The Robert Dziekanski incident happened... More > at the Vancouver International Airport, and those findings were integrated into the research project. The author submitted all the results to the Braidwood Inquiry. The testimonies and other information revealed during the inquiry required multiple updates for unanswered questions and accusations to be addressed. The Braidwood Inquiry is not the only legal entity to find that the stun gun can cause death, it is the first where Taser International has not been able to change the final decision with legal action. The book centers around the authors submitted information to the inquiry, and has reached a new detailed hypothesis on how stun guns can cause death within seconds to days after a discharge. It also explains how the guns basic design can become faulty and output repeated arc phase levels of power.< Less