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Walking Like A Queen - Irish Impressions By G. K. Chesterton
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Everything Chesterton writes is filled with wit and wisdom—surely he was the twentieth century’s most perceptive writer. Here he sets out his thoughts about Catholic Ireland, following a... More > visit in 1918 in which he met all the leading Irish thinkers. Against the backdrop of the First World War, about which he cared passionately, and the struggle for the right of the Irish to govern their own island, in which he had always believed, he narrates his visit and sets down his reflections and his previsions. No one interested in Ireland or in England, in politics or in religion or in literature will read this book without renewed astonishment at the author’s unfailing insight into whatever he touches on. This annotated edition provides over 100 new footnotes helping modern readers to understand contemporary allusions.< Less
The Anchorhold By ENID MAUD DINNIS
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This re-edition of Enid Maud Dinnis's classic tale of the noblest form of chivalry - the combat of grace against self-love - against a backdrop of authentic mediaeval colour is full of interest,... More > insight and humour. It will delight readers of all ages.< Less
The Adventures of Owen Evans By Rev. W.H. Anderdon
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A rattling good novel: “the Catholic Crusoe”! Unbeknown to his more decent crewmen, the captain of the schooner has decided to turn pirate. He and his accomplices decide to unburden... More > themselves of those deemed unlikely to join them in a life of crime. Thus five lukewarm Protestants and a Spanish priest are marooned in 1739 on a Caribbean island. The castaways spend four adventurous years together, in which excitement of every sort alternates with their instruction in the Faith. When they are rescued, there are no more Protestants on the island, and it is doubtful whether any Protestant who takes up this book will resist the kindness and persuasive apologetics of friar Don Manuel. Fr. Anderdon, who was nephew and secretary to Cardinal Manning, is a talented and learned writer. The ship’s surgeon, Owen Evans, recounts the events in a way that will thrill every reader and impart instruction and edification without straining the reader’s goodwill.< Less
The Victorian Age in Literature By G. K. Chesterton
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Join Chesterton in his evocative gallop through the great books of the nineteenth century. Meet the men who wrote them and feel the atmosphere they breathed. Every insight remains as fresh as when it... More > was written. With unfailing sympathy Chesterton assesses each writer in his thought and style, in his life and his influence, and leaves us hungry to return to the classics of prose and verse, better equipped to delight in all they contain of truth, goodness and laughter, but also more alert to any breath of mischief. At the end of this short book the reader feels that he has read a thousand others of which he hardly knew the names before, and is determined to read a thousand more.< Less
The Mercy of Allah By Hilaire Belloc
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The Mercy of Allah is not a book about Islam. Purporting to be the memoirs of an enormously wealthy and wholly conscienceless merchant of Baghdad, it is in fact a satirical exposé of... More > corruption in politics, government, law, religion, but above all in the world of banking and finance. Belloc reveals himself as a humorist in the class of Wodehouse and Waugh, but more importantly as a well-informed and perceptive commentator on how the world, and particularly its finances, are run. For you may read this book to enjoy its richness and wit, or you may revel in the story as a work of fiction, but at the deepest level, the author bequeaths to us in this immortal story his analysis of why the international banking system violates reality and must eventually collapse, dragging down in its wake the corrupt system of pseudo-democratic government which is its puppet—a prophetic commentary on the events we are living through.< Less
Death - Real and Apparent By The Rev. Juan B. Ferreres S.J.
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When we cease to breathe and when our heart stops beating, we are to all appearances dead. Almost everyone would judge that we are dead. But has the soul really left the body? Fr. Ferreres draws on... More > medical testimony to show that there is a substantial interval between apparent death and real death. He offers the most convincing of all proofs: countless examples of persons “dead” for some hours, so far as science could ascertain, who later “came back to life”. This truth gives rise to grave questions: how long is the usual interval between apparent and real death? How may we be certain when death has occurred? Can the apparently dead patient still hear and understand? What measures can be used to restore life to an apparently dead patient? What can the priest do for the soul if he arrives after the cessation of the vital functions? How long should burial be delayed? Fr. Ferreres’s work will rivet every reader’s attention and will reward him with information of the greatest usefulness.< Less
Tales of the Angels By Father F.W. Faber
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Father Faber's four immortal stories for children. When the saints write stories for children, Hans Anderson and the brothers Grimm are no longer in the running. These stories will appeal to every... More > Christian child, not just because they are filled with wonderful and mysterious events, but because the fairyland on which they open a window is not a world of fiction but the world of invisible reality that surrounds us : the world of Christ and His angels where the mystery of redemption is invisibly at work.< Less
Bobby in Movieland By Francis Finn
Paperback: $14.50
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Father Francis Finn’s thrilling and popular books for Catholic schoolboys need no introduction. According to the American Catholic Who’s Who, Father Finn is “universally... More > acknowledged as the foremost Catholic writer of fiction for young people.” His twenty-seven books have been translated into ten languages. The young reader will insensibly drink in edification, piety, honour and the spirit of hard work along with his entertainment. Boys who read Father Finn’s books turn into fine Catholic men. This one tells the adventures of young Bobby Vernon in the early days of Hollywood.< Less
The Child's Guide to Knowledge By Fanny Umphelby
Paperback: $15.95
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Fanny Umphelby’s handbook of information about everything under the sun ran through sixty-seven editions between 1825 and 1907. No family bookshelf lacked its copy. Its question-and-answer... More > format lent itself to the rote-learning then in vogue. Even in his adult years scientist Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945) could recite most of it by heart. History, science, technology, geography, agriculture, the origin of every substance or article one could meet with : the author considered that the child’s naturally inquiring mind should be informed about everything and three generations were indebted to her for a lifetime’s store of useful knowledge. To the modern reader, much is still relevant, and what the passage of time has rendered no longer exact (the extent of the British Empire, the most up-to-date means of communication, the number of copies of The Times printed each day, etc) still opens an invaluable window on history.< Less
Defence of the Seven Sacraments By King Henry VIII
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King Henry VIII is famous for having sundered England from the papacy in 1534. But in 1521 he was still fully Catholic and personally wrote this punchy theological treatise against the... More > "pestilential heresy" of Martin Luther. Before the death of his elder brother, Henry had been destined for the Church. He displays true learning and skilful debating in his defence of the seven sacraments and the Holy See. He poignantly champions the divine origin of the papacy and proves at length the indissolubity of the sacrament of matrimony which he was in later years to violate so often. It was this work which won for Henry the title of "Defender of the Faith", awarded by Pope Leo X, which still appears on British coins. This edition is a photographic reprint of high and easily readable quality.< Less