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100 Most Powerful Prayers By Various
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The ultimate collection of uniquely powerful, efficacious, irresistible and infallible prayers, from old favourites to little-known gems! For needs of every kind, spiritual or temporal, commonplace,... More > extraordinary, urgent or imperative. In addition to the one hundred unfailing, heaven-storming prayers, this anthology includes one hundred extracts from spiritual sources guaranteed to stir up the faith that moves mountains, 10 favourite collects, 10 short prayers from the Gospels, 10 favourite ejaculatory prayers, the 5 conditions of the infallibility of prayer, 10 ways to increase the efficacy of our prayers, the 12 promises of the Sacred Heart, all relevant indulgences and the conditions for gaining them.< Less
Talks for the Month of May By Rev. J. Nutt
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This book really enables the reader to know and love Our Lady. It comprises a series of 31 chapters, for each day of the month of May and traces the Mother of God through Old and New Testaments with... More > a masterly hand. Highly recommended for all who wish to grow in the first devotion practised by Christ Himself.< Less
The Secret of Firefern By Louis Morvan
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Why has a haunted manor deep in the forest of Anjou been bought by the popular Baron Felix of Firefern? Why does a mysterious light burn in its turret when no one is there? How did its previous... More > occupant, the mysterious Doctor Wolfram, meet his death, and why will his body not rest quiet? Witchcraft and Satanism are never far away in this story of the fifteenth century. After Good King René’s brush with death, Baron Firefern is accused of poisoning and sorcery. The ensuing trial, with its astonishing dénouement, is one of the great court scenes of literature. The revelation of the Secret of Firefern solves the mystery but imposes a mission. Firefern’s envy-driven cousin Lord Walter de Maulny cannot be allowed to succeed in his damnable enterprise. But who can stop him? Will Galahad de Kernis, the plucky Breton page, or returning crusader Sir Tancred de Villepreux, prove the ultimate hero in the final battle ... or will Firefern himself have the last word?< Less
The Secret of Saint John Bosco By Henri Ghéon
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This is a highly readable life of Saint John Bosco, the nineteenth century saint raised up to reclaim children from unbelief, vice and delinquency. Pope Pius XI canonised this “giant of... More > holiness,” saying that he knew no life of a saint wherein the direct and miraculous action of God was more continuously manifest. The reader will fall in love with the saint as all who knew him did during his lifetime. His miracles will silence the voice of scepticism and his goodness will soften the hardest of hearts. Young readers will feel his help in resisting the temptations that surround them. Parents and educators will learn his secrets. Every reader will be inspired to greater love of God and more strenuous efforts in His service.< Less
The Dates of the Birth and Death of Jesus Christ By General Hugues de Nanteuil
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Is the Christian calendar we all use historically accurate? Was 1 A.D. really the first “year of the Lord”? Does the Christian era start from the true date of Our Lord’s birth? Was... More > Christ in fact crucified under Pontius Pilate in 33 A.D. as Christian tradition tells us? Is there any way of knowing for sure? Most scholars answer, No. They claim that our calendar is wrong and that Christ was born at the latest in 4 B.C. They rely on the first century Jewish historian’s date for the death of Herod to reject the traditional date assigned by Dionysius the Little which the civilised world has followed ever since. But General Hugues de Nanteuil has re-examined the evidence and demonstrates overwhelmingly that it was Josephus who got his dates wrong, not the Church. While vindicating the Christian calendar he also provides a mass of fascinating testimony to the historical truth of the Christian faith.< Less
The Theology of Prayer By Joseph Clifford Fenton
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What is prayer ? What part of us prays ? What is the cause of prayer and what is the effect of prayer ? Is prayer necessary ? Who can pray ? Pray to whom ? Pray for... More > what? (Spiritual benefits ? temporal benefits ?) How should we pray ? On what conditions will our prayer be heard ? Petition or worship ? The prayer of Christ, the prayer of the Church, the prayer of the saints, the prayer of the Holy Souls, the prayer of in-dividuals; vocal prayer and mental prayer: how do they differ and how do they relate ? What are the degrees of prayer ? How does prayer sanctify ? The foremost American theologian of the twentieth century gives the Catholic answers to all these questions and more in this invaluable work.< Less
The Truth about Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI By N. M. Gwynne
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Alexander VI, is widely believed to have been the worst of the popes. He is said to have spent his nights in orgies and his days in organising the assassination of rivals, purloining church funds,... More > and granting high offices to his numerous illegitimate children. But the most serious and scholarly historian to have studied the original sources for his life, Mgr. Peter De Roo, concludes that he was entirely innocent of any of the offences he is charged with: he did not obtain the papacy by bribery, he was not the father of any children, legitimate or otherwise, he was not a murderer or corrupt. Very much to the contrary, he was in fact a man of austerity, prayerfulness and charity, highly principled, a superb administrator, justly revered and loved throughout his life, and altogether an exemplary Pope, indeed quite possibly a saint. In these pages N. M. Gwynne draws on the five volumes of De Roo's unrefuted scholarship, to show that Pope Alexander VI may well be the most calumniated man in history.< Less
Michael Davies - An Evaluation By John S. Daly
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Cambridge-educated translator John S. Daly puts the scholarship of the late Michael Davies under the spotlight. What emerges from systematic comparison with statements of the Magisterium and the... More > greatest theologians must destroy Davies's credibility in the eyes of every serious reader. "Michael Davies – An Evaluation" remains not only an unanswered indictment of Davies as a Catholic scholar, but a standing refutation of the entire ecclesiology of those who believe it possible for an orthodox Catholic to reject the doctrinal errors and reformed rites spawned by Vatican II without calling into doubt the legitimacy of recent papal claimants and the validity of the new sacraments. This book was hailed by celebrated traditionalist pastor Fr. Oswald Baker (1915-2004) as one of the two most important to have emerged from the post-Vatican II crisis in the Catholic Church.< Less
The Ethics of Ectopic pregnancy By Fr. Timothy L. Bouscaren
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Most people can easily see why abortion is wrong. But the issue of abortion on medical grounds is more complex for many when doctors say that, if the baby is not destroyed, both mother and child will... More > inevitably die. It is argued that between two evils, the lesser should be chosen. Father Bouscaren’s classic work is devoted to the only case in which this conflict is at all likely: the case of ectopic pregnancy. With the skill of a gifted moralist who is also a persuasive debater, the author shows that, although the death of one person is evidently a lesser evil than the death of two, nonetheless the death of one person intended and produced directly by a violation of the moral law is not a lesser evil than the death of two from natural causes without any sin on the part of anyone. But he also opposes the simplistic view that would require every ectopic pregnancy to be left to its fatal conclusion. He explains which procedures are morally acceptable and medically useful.< Less
General de Sonis By Mgr. Louis Baunard
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General Gaston de Sonis (1825-1887) was one of France’s most distinguished soldiers of the nineteenth century. He displayed outstanding skill and valour on the battlefields of Algeria, Italy... More > and in the Franco-Prussian war in which he lost a leg, but saved the honour of a defeated nation. An exemplary father of twelve children, he was also a warrior of the Sacred Heart, ennobled by Pope Leo XIII and the cause of whose canonisation is pending at Rome. Lying close to death upon the battlefield of Loigny in 1870 he received signal graces and light from Our Lady. This book tells his inspiring story.< Less