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Ian Corrigan - Druidry, Magic and Pagan Ways
Leabhar AnBeg By Ian Corrigan
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The Leabhar AnBeg is a collection of the magic and ritual work of Ian Corrigan into one small-portable volume. It includes material from Sacred Fire, Holy well; The Book of Vision; the Book of... More > Summoning and other sources. Most of its contents have appeared in print, but each section is edited into a concise instruction on worship, vision, spirit-arte and spellbinding.< Less
The Book of the Dragon By Ian Corrigan
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The Book of The Dragon is a classic creation from the days of the early Pagan festival movement. It combines the form of a medieval grimoire with Neopagan religious ideas and modern magickal methods.... More > Its method is simple yet effective, evocative yet down-to-earth. Ian Corrigan was, when this book was published, a 27-year-old newly initiated traditional witch. he had already taught many students, and become known as a teacher, ritualist and musician.< Less
The Book of Summoning By Ian Corrigan
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A Pagan System of Evocation. A practical system based in the forms and structures of the grimoires, empowered by the gods and spirits of Pagan ways. There are no ‘angels’ or... More > ‘demons’, only the spirits, who are approached without coercion or threat. Based in the work of the Nine Moons system, it includes: • The Hearth Cult, The Year Cult and the Sorcerer’s Cult • Beyond Angels and Demons - Toward A Pagan Spiritology • The Hosting of the Sidhe • The Teacher & the Familiar – the Spirit Allies • The Sorcerer’s Sacrifice – a Rite of Alliance & Empowerment This deluxe hardback edition includes the Nine Druidic Telesmata - symbolic meditation figures based in the symbolism of the rituals, accompanied by poetic invocations and charms. Ian Corrigan is an Archdruid Emeritus and a Senior Priest of Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF), who worked with Isaac Bonewits in the creation of that Pagan Druidic system, and is a primary author of ADF’s basic Pagan training.< Less
Beginning Practical Magic By Ian Corrigan
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The Art of Spellbinding! This simple introduction will allow you to get started in magic. Focusing on core patterns and basic skills, this approach can be applied to almost any system. The Laws of... More > Magic; The Magician's Workshop; Getting What You Really Want; The Ethics of Magic. Includes scripts for basic rituals, sigils and symbols, and other lore.< Less
The Court of Brigid Grimoire By Ian Corrigan
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The Grimoire of the Court of Brigid is a suite of rituals that allow the magician to gain the aid of one of the most beloved of the Celtic deities – Brigid the High One. Through her blessing... More > the magician calls various spirits. The spirits are convoked in friendship and alliance with no element of coercion or threat. The Court of Brigid grimoire is focused firmly on practical work,from the creation of the proper sacrifice ground to the Three Rites by which the alliances are made, to spells and boon-rites for specific goals. The names, powers and sigils of twenty-eight spirits are presented. The work of the Court of Brigid is unique in current occult publishing – a system of formal evocation based firmly in a polytheistic (not to mention Celtic) context. Let the Fire of Offering be lit, and the spirits come to our call!< Less
Draiocht - A Primer of Celtic Sorcery By Ian Corrigan
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This short introducion offers the basics of a Celtic magical system, firmly based in traditional lore, and fully realised for modern practice. Based in Druidic spiritual practice, it teaches... More > practical magic and spellwork, as well as methods of vision. • The Tools and Rites • NIne Invocations of the Gods & Goddeses • Nine Visions & Trances • Nine Spells & Charms Ian Corrigan has been practicing Druidic Artes for over 25 years. He is an Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein.< Less
Spirit Talk By Ian Corrigan
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The Seedlings of Pagan Theologies... A collection of short articles from Ian's popular blog, "Into The Mound", exploring Pagan religious ideas from his personal perspective. 1: The Basics;... More > 2: Dialogue With Pagans; 3: Dialogue With Christians; 4: A Negative Confession; 5: Building A Mystery.< Less
Liber Spirituum By Ian Corrigan
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A specially prepared blank book for work with evocation of spirits. It contains twenty-seven sections, each to hold the sigil, name and other information about conjured spirits. Each sigil and... More > information page is backed with a decorative page, so that no pages are shared between spirits. Twenty-four pages of blank frames are provided at the front in which to write the incantations used in conjuring. Contact the publisher for custom covers and title pages.< Less
The Dwale of Afagddu By anonymous
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A pastiche grimoire of the Cthulhu Mythos, set in the context of celtic lore and store. Includes a horrible tale of ancient wales, as well as experiments for contacting the Great Old Ones.
Druid's Journal By Ian Corrigan
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A thicker hardbound journal. Lined pages with two unlined pages every ten leaves for diagrams and drawings, with occasional additional frames for arm and sigils.