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Expository Lectures on the Principal Passages of the Scriptures which relate to the Doctrine of the Trinity By George W. Burnap
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George Washington Burnap was born in Merrimack, New Hampshire on November 30, 1802. He graduated from Harvard in 1824, and in 1828 he was ordained pastor of the First Congregational church of... More > Baltimore, Maryland. He died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 8, 1859. This book is a reprint of his Lectures on the Principal Passages of the Scriptures which relate to the Doctrine of the Trinity (1845) His other theological works include: Lectures on the Doctrines of Controversy between Unitarians and other Denominations of Christians (1835) Lectures on the History of Christianity (1842) Popular Objections to Unitarian Christianity Considered and Answered (1848) What is Unitarianism? (1848) Lectures on Doctrines of Christianity (1848) Discourses on the Rectitude of Human Nature (1850) Christianity, its Essence and Evidence, or an Analysis of the New Testament (1855)< Less
The Apology of Theophilus Lindsey: On Resigning the Vicarage of Catterick, Yorkshire, 5th edition By Theophilus Lindsey
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Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808) might have attained the office of Bishop in the Anglican church, but he resigned his priesthood in 1773. He wrote this book to explain why. This is a high quality... More > reprint of the 5th edition, published in 1818. "It may be some recommendation, if not of the truth of what is delivered, yet of the diligence and sincerity of the writer, that they are not sentiments taken up of yesterday, but the result of many years' painful and solicitous inquiry, not without frequent and earnest aspirations to the Father of Lights for direction and assistance; and to which, the prejudices of education and the suggestions of worldly ease and interest, were most opposed." (p. 4) Lindsey's longer Sequel to this work is available here. For more books on the Trinity and related topics, visit:< Less
Channing vs. Stuart on the Trinity and the Incarnation By William Ellery Channing and Moses Stuart
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A reprint of three brief works constituting a debate on the doctrine of the Trinity between two prominent American theologians, originally published between 1830 and 1855.The debate starts with... More > William Ellery Channing's famous Unitarian manifesto in 1819 at the ordination of Jared Sparks. The second entry is Channing's tract of the same year, "Objections to Unitarian Christianity Considered". The last two thirds of this volume consists of a reprint of Moses Stuart's Letters on the Trinity and on the Divinity of Christ, which consists of his lengthy replies to Channing's original sermon of 1819.This reprint is nearly 100% readable, but the text quality in the Stuart portion is somewhat uneven and too light.< Less
Sixteen American Unitarian Tracts By Various Authors
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This volume consists of unedited reprints of tracts from the American Unitarian Association, 1827-1834. Includes: One Hundred Scriptural Arguments for the Unitarian FaithOmniscience the Attribute of... More > the Father Only Joseph Hutton.The Doctrine of Pronouns Applied to Christ’s Testimony of Himself, Noah Worcester. The Evidence Necessary to Establish the Doctrine of the Trinity, S.C. Thacher.The Apostle Paul a Unitarian The Doctrine of Two Natures in Jesus Christ, Alvan Lamson. The Divinity of Jesus Christ.The Apostle Peter a Unitarian.Outline of the Testimony of Scripture Against the Trinity, Henry Ware, Jr.The Doctrines of Trinity and Transubstantiation ComparedThe Doctrine of Atonement, Henry Turner.Presumptive Arguments in Favor of Unitarianism, M.L. Hurlbut.See back cover or preview for full table of contents.< Less
On the Five Points of Calvinism By Daniel Whitby
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This volume is an unedited reprint of a 1817 edition of: A Discourse Concerning I. The True Import of the Words Election and Reprobation, and the Things Signified By Them In The Holy Scripture. II.... More > The Extent of Christ's Redemption. III. The Grace of God; Where It Is Enquired, Whether It Be Vouchsafed Sufficiently To Those Who Improve It Not, And Irresistably To Those Who Do Improve It; And Whether Men Be Wholly Passive In The Work Of Their Regeneration. IV. The Liberty Of The Will In A State of Trial And Probation. V. The Perseverance or Defectibility of the Saints, With Some Reflections On The State Of Heathens, The Providence And Prescience of God. And Lastly, An Answer to Three Objections Against The Doctrines Asserted. To Which Is Added, A Postscript, In Answer to Some of Doctor Edwards's Remarks. Fourth Edition, Corrected. originally published in 1710 (first edition). and 1735 (second edition).< Less
Bible News: Or, Sacred Truths Relating to the Living God, His Only Son, and Holy Spirit By Noah Worcester
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This is a reprint of the 1854, fifth edition. Noah Worcester (1758-1837) was a fifer with the American Revolutionary forces at the famous battle of Bunker Hill, and subsequently a Congregationalist... More > minister in New Hampshire. In 1810 Worcester published the first edition of Bible News, the product of decades of wrestling with the doctrine of the Trinity and its alleged basis in the Bible. An controversy ensued, and his denomination condemned him as an apostate. With little hope of ever preaching again in New Hampshire, Worcester was invited by some leading Unitarian clergymen to edit a new periodical, The Christian Disciple. Worcester moved to Brighton, Massachusetts, and edited that publication from 1813 to 1818. Worcester continued to periodically revise the Bible News.He is also well known as an early American advocate of pacifism, to which he devoted much energy in the last two decades of his life.< Less
The Last Thoughts of Dr. Whitby By Daniel Whitby
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This book is a reprint of a volume printed in 1841, an edition of a work by Daniel Whitby (1638-1726) first(posthumously) published in 1727. In this book, prolific and respected theologian Daniel... More > Whitby aims to correct his previous errors and share his final thoughts on the doctrine of the Trinity, arguing for a subordinationist understanding of Jesus and God his Father, like that of his friend Samuel Clarke. Full title: The Last Thoughts of Dr. Whitby; containing His Correction of Several Passages in his Commentary on the New Testament. To which is added, Five Discourses, On the Subordination of the Son, &c. Published by his express order. A New Edition. To which is prefixed, A Short Account of Dr. Whitby, with a Catalogue of his Works. For more books on the Trinity and related topics, visit: and< Less
A History of the Corruptions of Christianity By Joseph Priestley
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Originally published by Priestley in 1782, this reprint is of the 1871 edition, which was a reprint of the 1818 edition edited by J.T. Rutt. "After examining the foundation of our Christian... More > faith, and having seen how much valuable information we receive from it, in my Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion, it is with a kind of reluctance, that... I must now proceed to exhibit a view of the dreadful corruptions which have debased its spirit, and almost annihilated all the happy effects which it was eminently calculated to produce." (Priestley's Preface, p. x) This is a high quality & very readable reprint. For more books on the Trinity, visit< Less
The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity, and Related Writings By Samuel Clarke
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This volume is a reprint of a lost classic on the doctrine of the Trinity by Dr. Samuel Clarke (1675-1729), the famous philosopher, theologian, and friend of Sir Isaac Newton. This is the definitive... More > posthumous edition from his Works, printed in 1738. (The first edition was published in 1712.) Also included are nine follow-up writings by Clarke, in which he responds to some of his many critics, as well as an account of Clarke's life by Benjamin Sarum. In The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity, Clarke lists and interprets every relevant passage in the New Testament, and carefully develops his own subordinationist understanding of the Trinity. For other books on the Trinity, including multiple refutations of Clarke by his friend Dr. Daniel Waterland, and a book-length account of his life by his friend William Whiston, visit:< Less
A Calm Inquiry Into The Scripture Doctrine Concerning The Person of Christ By Thomas Belsham
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Thomas Belsham (1750-1829) was an influential English Unitarian minister and theologian. In this book Belsham argues at length for his humanitarian unitarian Christology, giving his reading of all... More > the relevant New Testament texts, and interacting with numerous objections and alternative readings. In the final section of the book, Belsham classifies and critically weighs all the major approaches to Christology. This volume ends with a short biographical entry on Belsham from the Dictionary of National Biography. This is an unedited reprint of the second edition of 1817. For other books on the Trinity and the Incarnation, visit< Less