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Penelope's Daughters By Barbara Dell’Abate-Çelebi
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At the origin of Western literature stands Queen Penelope—faithfully waiting for her husband to come home: keeping house, holding on to the throne, keeping the suitors at arm’s length,... More > preserving Odysseus’ place and memory, deserted for the pursuit of war and adventures, and bringing up a son alone, but always keeping the marriage intact. Yet recently the character of Penelope, long the archetype of abandoned, faithful, submissive, passive wife, has been reinterpreted by feminist criticism and re-envisioned by three modern novels — in French, English, and Italian — to emerge as a central, strong, self-determing, and erotically liberated female icon. Dell’Abate-Çelebi presents these novels–by Annie Leclerc, Margaret Atwood and Silvana La Spina—as feminist revisions of myths of womanhood and as rewritings of female archetypes from a feminist perspective that broaden the definition of femininity to include new possibilities and more inclusive representations of female identity.< Less
Swans: Their Biology and Natural History By Paul Johnsgard
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The seven species of swans are an easily and universally recognized group of waterfowl, which have historically played important roles in the folklore, myths and legends in many cultures. Among the... More > largest of all flying birds, they have been used as symbols of royalty, grace and beauty, and largely for these reasons swans have only rarely been considered acceptable as targets for sport hunting. Swans occur on all continents but Africa, though most species are found in the temperate and arctic zones of North America and Eurasia. Swans are a long-lived species and are among the most strongly monogamous of birds, having prolonged pair and family bonds that influence their flocking and social behavior, and contribute to the overall high degree of human interest in them. This volume describes their distributions, ecology, social behavior, and breeding biology. Included are nine distribution maps, 19 drawings, 23 photographs by the author, and a bibliography of nearly 700 references.< Less
La letteratura in gioco By Barbara Dell’Abate-Çelebi
Paperback: $9.00
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In questo scritto si intende rivalutare l’impiego del testo letterario nell’insegnamento delle lingue straniere attraverso l’utilizzo di attività ludiche che permettano una... More > piena ed attiva partecipazione del soggetto al processo glottodidattico. Il libro è diviso in due parti: una parte teorica (capitoli 1-2-3) e una parte operativa (capitoli 4-5). La parte teorica introduce il tema della didattica della letteratura da un punto di vista storico e metodologico. La parte operativa presenta due unità didattiche dedicate alla novella in cui si sono applicati i principi teorici tracciati precedentemente. A queste segue una guida per l’insegnante in cui si spiegano le finalità, le modalità e i tempi di realizzazione di ogni attività/gioco proposto. Tale approccio può essere applicato con successo nell’ambito della didattica della letteratura nella classe di lingua permettendo di esercitare contemporaneamente sia le capacità linguistiche che quelle cognitive.< Less
Birding Nebraska’s Central Platte Valley and Rainwater Basin By Paul Johnsgard
Paperback: $9.00
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Central Nebraska's Platte River and Rainwater Basin are primary stops in the migration patterns of numerous North American waterfowl, including sandhill and whooping cranes, sandpipers, geese, ducks,... More > gulls, and shorebirds of many types. Upland species also abound there as well. The region's most eminent ornithologist provides birding and travel information for casual tourists and hard-core enthusiasts: locations, seasons, events, routes, accommodations, contacts, etc. A complete species list is also included. This birders' guide is as essential as your boots and binoculars.< Less
Estudios en Biodiversidad, Volumen I By Griselda Pulido-Flores, Scott Monks, Maritza López-Herrera
Paperback: $85.00
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Este libro es el producto del trabajo colegiado que han desarrollado los profesores, investigadores, y estudiantes que conforman la Red Temática de Calidad Ambiental y Desarrollo Sustentable,... More > a través del macroproyecto “Evaluación del impacto ambiental por actividades antropogénicas: Alternativas de mitigación”. El cual fue apoyado con recursos financieros por parte del Programa para el Desarrollo Profesional Docente (PRODEP), de la Secretaria de Educación Pública (SEP) en México. Cada una de las contribuciones giran entorno al conocimiento de la biodiversidad, manejo y conservación de los recursos naturales de algunas entidades federativas de México; particularmente de Hidalgo, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Baja California, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas y Puebla.< Less
Key Factors of Sustainable Firm Performance By Mustafa Emre Civelek et al.
Paperback: $20.00
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The uncertainty and volatility of modern commercial environments have shifted the foundations of business success and survival. Key factors that affect firm performance and determine sustainability... More > now include knowledge creation, knowledge management, uncertainty management, organizational intelligence, and supply chain administration. This book proposes an analytical approach to identifying and enhancing these critical factors and describes how firms can exploit their strengths and compensate for their disadvantages. Sustaining business success requires competitive strategies that are rational and analytical. Firms that know their goals have an advantage over their rivals; those that can innovate and incorporate the knowledge they develop will prosper, even in the most competitive situations. Managers and business practitioners can learn from this book how to identify the key factors that make their firms effective and successful, and how to ensure they remain sustainable over time.< Less
The Digital Incunabula: rock • paper • pixels By Patrick Aievoli
Paperback: $15.95
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“The Digital Incunabula is Patrick Aievoli’s personal sonnet through media, interaction and communication design. He carefully crafts each evolutionary step into ripples that are... More > supported by his own storied professional and academic experiences. It’s full of facts, terms and historical information which makes it perfect for anyone looking to flat out learn!”--James Pannafino, Professor, Millersville University & Interaction Design ● “Well documented, well written, and well argued.”--Dr. Michael Soupios, Professor Political Science, LIU Post ● People who can use this book include any educators, counselors, parents or students who are looking for information concerning design or media as a future. entertainment, education, or the arts.< Less
Sobrevivimos … al fin hablo By Leon Malmed
Paperback: $18.00
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Esta es la historia real de Leon Malmed quien, junto a su hermana Rachel, escapó de Francia durante la época del Holocausto gracias a sus valientes y heroicos vecinos quienes,... More > después de haber presenciado el arresto de los padres de nuestro protagonista en 1942, se ofrecieron a cuidarlo a él y a su hermana hasta que regresaran. Primero, los padres de Leon fueron llevados a Drancy, después a Auschwitz-Birkenau, y nunca volvieron. Mientras tanto sus vecinos, que vivían en el piso de abajo, Henri y Suzanne Ribouleau, los acogieron dándoles un hogar y una familia; protegiéndolos mientras la ocupación los amenazaba, los bombardeaba y los acorralaba durante esta época de escasez y guerra.< Less
Resilient Russian Women in the 1920s & 1930s By Marcelline Hutton
Paperback: $29.99
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The stories of Russian educated women, peasants, prisoners, workers, wives, and mothers of the 1920s and 1930s show how work, marriage, family, religion, and even patriotism helped sustain them... More > during harsh times. The Russian Revolution launched an eco­nomic and social upheaval that released peasant women from the control of traditional extended families. It promised urban women equality and created opportunities for employment and higher education. Yet, the revolution did little to eliminate Russian patriarchal culture, which continued to undermine women’s social, sexual, eco­nomic, and political conditions. Divorce and abortion became more widespread, but birth control remained limited, and sexual liberation meant greater freedom for men than for women. The transformations that women needed to gain true equality were postponed by the pov­erty of the new state and the political agendas of leaders like Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin.< Less
At Home and at Large in the Great Plains: Essays and Memories By Paul Johnsgard
Paperback: $19.95
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These fourteen essays originally appeared in Prairie Fire, a monthly newspaper that for seven years has carried important messages of social, environmental, and economic issues to residents of... More > Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, and South Dakota, and subscribers in the rest of the world. They discuss the North American east-west ecological boundaries, spring migration events, bird feeders, feathered survivors of a glacial past, the threatened sharp-tailed grouse, the effects of climate change, some “sacred places”—Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, the Ashfall Fossil Beds, Squaw Creek Refuge, the Hutton Niobrara Ranch Sanctuary, and Yellowstone National Park—, our troubles with mountain lions and grizzly bears, and crane season in Wyoming. There is also an expanded informal autobiography, “My Life in Biology” and a current and comprehensive list of all publications of a writer described as “probably the world’s most prolific living author of ornithological and natural history literature.”< Less