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The last Dance Performance on the Volcano By Urban Books Press & Joseph-J Charles
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This poetry collection is also a tribute to the dedication and hard labor of the US farmers, growers, field workers, Fresno State Agricultural Programs, and the various organizations advocating on... More > behalf of California Agriculture. The Central Valley of California remains the ‘fruit basket and bread basket of the world.” This poetry collection is a tribute to the sustainability and stewardship of everybody who is involved in agribusiness. I have learned that to better appreciate California, one has to engage in outdoors activities and appreciate the various ethnic groups from all over the world living in the state. Think about the sun, sea, sand, mountains and snowfields, deserts and dunes, wildlife and marine life, wine country and wildfires, and the vast expanse of farmland covering the Central Valley of California.< Less
Sweet Potato Pies Bring Back Lady Marmalade By Urban Books Press & Madame De
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Thanksgiving’s Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie or Bestselling Patti Pies is an ebook that pays tribute to the soulful/soulfood queen and current American chef and cuisine superstar. Patti... More > LaBelle Pie has become a bestseller at Wal-Mart. The Wal-Marts do not have enough pies to satisfy their consumers who keep asking for it. The Wal-Marts execs have been obliged to order additional supplies for the holiday season. It's the hottest selling product this time of the year. Bestselling Sweet Potato Pie or Patti Pies ebook by Madame De is an effort to bring back home-cooked meals to American homes by Wal-Marts and many food industry insiders. It's an effort to pay tribute to California that produces all the potatoes that become the main ingredients in the pie besides butter and cinnamon and brown sugar. It's also a return to what's great American food. Patti sings and cooks to feed her fans and celebrity visitors. Find additional info about this ebook on< Less
Hymns and Praise Songs By Urban Books Press & Max Dubois
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Prologue by Max Dubois, Conducteur de Louange: "HaitianChantsofHope - Chants d’Espérance’s Greatest Hits, Songs, and Hymns" brings you a collection of the top hymns sung... More > by Evangelical churches and Haitian believers in Haiti, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, France, DR, Chile and the rest of the world. On pages 2 to 47, you will find a series of the favorite songs of Chants d'Espérance Français. Ce sont des Cantiques et Louanges / they are Hymns and Praise Songs Collected by In Recueil des “Chants d'espérance Français" (Pages 48 – 67) you will find the titles of all the French hymns of Chants d'espérance. A sample of these hymns is found on and< Less
Alphabetical Haitian Creole Dictionary By Urban Books Press Author Jean Boger Jean Boger Laferrière
Paperback: $21.97
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This Alphabetical Haitian Creole Dictionary was composed and prepared by Haitian American linguist Jean Boger Laferrière who started studying at Sorbonne University in Paris, France. He... More > completed his higher studies at Anglia Ruskin University and Open University. Authors Phil Levin and Kevin Levin were the editors of this book. Publisher and author Joseph J. Charles also contributed to the preparation of this ebook. Jean Boger continues to write about Haitian culture and languages while residing in New York City. In using this lexicon, he wants you to remember that there are some letters that Haitian Creole does not have. For example, X and Q are added to the above list of letters in order to give you their corresponding English version of the words. Enjoy this small book that can help you learn Haitian Creole, one of the most beautiful, phonetic, and colorful languages of the world.< Less
Alo! - Hola! - Hello!: Los Verbos y Las Palabras Para Aprender El Creole Haitiano By Urban Books Press & Joseph J. Charles
eBook (PDF): $9.99
“Alo! - Hola! - Hello!: Los Verbos y Las Palabras Para Aprender El Creole Haitiano” Este libro fue escrto en Espaňol e Inglés para los que quieren aprender el Creole Haitiano.... More > Fue preparado por Sr. Joseph J. Charles, escritor de “Learn Haitian Creole in one Week – Aprendan el Creole Haitiano Dentro de una Semana… y “¿Que Tal? - Sak Pase? / N-ap Boule! - Bien! What's Up? / We Are Doing Well! You can find additional resources at;;; and< Less
Rosa Parks's Magic Farm Adventures (A Fast-paced Fictional Story of her Early Life and Childhood) By Joseph J. Charles
eBook (PDF): $9.99
We met Rosa Parks when she was 42 years old on December 1, 1955 in the front row of a city bus. How about her early life and childhood? Born Rosa Louise McCauley, she was the loving daughter of... More > James and Leona McCauley, respectively a carpenter and a teacher. Rosa grew up on a large farm in Level, Alabama. It will tell you about the many adventures she used to go on with her pet dog Chester and pet goat Chiva. It is also the story of the two boys she was babysitting. Playing soldiers is one thing, but trespassing onto a forbidden community full of hatred and bent on keeping the status quo was another thing. It was pure suicide for those two young black boys. And the suspense builds on. Find out what happened when some guards spotted them galloping away.....from their cross stockpile....< Less
Learn/Listen to Haitian Creole MP3 Dialogues, Phrases, Words + Audio Expressions, Sayings for Everyone Everywhere - Aprann/Koute Dyalòg MP3, Fraz, Pwovèb, Mo + Odyo Ekspresyon Kreyòl Pou Tout Moun Toupatou By Urban Books Press / Joseph J. Charles
eBook (ePub): $9.99
"Learn/Listen to Haitian Creole MP3 Dialogues, Phrases, Words + Audio Expressions, Sayings for Everyone Everywhere - Aprann/Koute Dyalòg MP3, Fraz, Pwovèb, Mo + Odyo Ekspresyon... More > Kreyòl Pou Tout Moun..." is a podcast-compatible ( series of MP3 dialogues, phrases, words, and audio expressions whose focus is to get you to speak and understand Haitian Creole in a short time. The lessons are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and place you into various Haitian locales where you will most likely hear and practice the language. Each lesson is designed to help you build your vocabulary and increase your cultural knowledge. If you like "Learn Haitian Creole in One Week..." and other similar titles, you will like this ebook too. Go to to get the accompanying audio or MP3 files.< Less
Haitian Hymns to Hope and Life For Your e-readers: Chants D’Espérance Français et Créoles for your e-readers By Marcel D. Dubois
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"Haitian Hymns to Hope and Life For Your e-readers: Haitian/Canadian /American/French Churches’ Most Sung Hymns On Sunday Morning and Evening Services - Chants D’Espérance... More > Français et Créoles for your e-readers" is a labor of love compiled by Youth Pastor and Choir Director, Marcel D. Dubois, who worked with many churches and Christian brothers and sisters from Boston to New York, from Haiti to Canada, from the Caribbean region to France and elsewhere. He wants to thank each one of you for sending your Sunday morning and evening programs to him. Thanks to your contributions, he has been able to come up with the most popular, the most sung hymns from the Chants d'Esperance Francais and Creoles. This book is for you. He hopes you can use it to praise and worship HIM!< Less
French for English and Creole Speakers! Ça va? Ça va très bien, merci. By Urban Books Press and UrbanBooksPublishing
eBook (PDF): $25.99
French for English and Creole Speakers! a French textbook written specifically to give you as well as all beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners of French the support you need to master... More > this beautiful language. This textbook comes equipped with a podcast and a blog that provide you with ongoing support pertaining to pronunciation and explanations of cultural artifacts. In this book, you will find cultural notes, rules of thumb to avoid major faux-pas, and lots of exercises to help you have mastery over key language patterns, structure, and phraseology. Find additional info at and< Less
My First Story, My First Poem: Poetry, Letters, Essays and Stories By Urban Books Press & Joseph-J Charles
eBook (PDF): $5.49
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The best of 2004 anthology gathers all the established and emerging writers of our times. This anthology is a must-read. It has letters, poems, stories and essays.