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The Living Witchcraft Journal : Study Guide For Beginners By William R. Wraithe
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The Magicians Maxim.To Dare, To Will, To Know, To Keep Silent.Magic, as opposed to magic the art of illusion and sleight of hand, is the Art Of Causation. Magic is a natural human ability, we are all... More > born with this innate ability to make Magick, all it takes is the desire to learn, and practice. Magic is creating change by connecting with the energies of nature. These energies of nature exist in all things, all solid matter is made of atoms, sub-atom particles, below this level is pure energy. At the this level of pure energy, there is no solid matter, here everything is connected by threads of energy. Magic is the control and manipulation of these threads of energy, this energy exists at all levels and planes, so by creating changes to these energy threads causes effects to occur within the physical plane. Magic allows you to alter this energy reality to bring about changes in the material reality, conversely altering your material worlds causes changes to the energy reality.< Less
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The newest version of MTHOS: The Handbook of Shadow. All pages are in full color. All rituals are in place.
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This is the book of GOD SEALS. In this book are listed 74 seals for Deities in the African Pantheon. Each Demon, Orisha, Deity, Goddess, and God is a means to communicate and summon them. This book... More > also lists protections, methods, dates to be summoned, and also moon phases in which to summon them. Some are safe to summon, but the rest are directly evil and require the Protective Sigilum and ring to use as counters. It also lists the diagrams for the constructs such as the separate circles for good and evil spirits. This is the first book of GOD SEALS. All Beings are from the African Pantheon.< Less
The Living Mage Workbook By William R. Wraithe
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In this book you will find yourself at a crossroads. One that will determine what kind of mage you really are – power, energy, success; all these things will come together once you find out who... More > you really are. I am not the one who will tell you who you are because that is for you to find out for yourself. This journey is not an easy one, but the rewards for completion are like the holy grail of magick (in perspective). This book will conjure all subconscious secrets out of you that have been laying dormant. This is to say, that whoever you were in your past lives will come to light. This book is intelligent, as it will know you as you were in all your previous lives and most definitely will make those connections apparent regardless of your experience. This is rule as was stated in Astral and Akashic Law. This is truly a book for those who wish to become something more than what the world has to offer. Take what you know now, and then multiply it by a hundred with this book.< Less
Enochian Angels Handbook By William R. Wraithe
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This book lists all seals/sigils for the Enochian Angels/Cacodemons. It is a comprehensive list that contains 269 Angels and Cacodemons. All information and sigils/seals of the beings in this book... More > was obtained by Astral means. I was repeatedly warned not to look into the Akashic Records so many times, but I have to admit, it hasn't fazed me one bit. I believe that this book will open the eyes of many people who seek out hidden knowledge. No more scrambling and endless hours of scouring the net to find anything that has to do with these beings. I have not been able to find any sigils or seals that remotely come close to what they are supposed to be, not to mention none have sigils/seals. This book has it all. This book is a must have for any serious practitioner.< Less
Were List By William R. Wraithe
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This books tells the surnames of all hereditary werewolf lineage. Anyone who has the genetic code in their family tree will know from this book. It also has the locations of current werewolf dens. It... More > has a list of known vampire locations and house/order locations and names. It has locations, names, tribes of shapeshifters. This is the only book that has a list of known monsters that are left in our world by Lat/longitude identifiers. This includes all fae gates and all dimensional gates located on our world also by longitude and latitude identifiers.< Less
Poetry of the Undead By William R. Wraithe
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The dead keep secrets. They toss and turn in their graves, screaming. Witness the secrets of the dead - or undead. Feel their pain as they tell their tales through prose and poetry - the only release... More > they have to the world of the living.< Less
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This is the second book of the God Seals: Celtic Pantheon. All gods & goddesses are of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Gaulish, Eastern & Western European, British, and more. These are the actual... More > symbols and sigilum to summon them. There are over 120 seals and each one has its own unique powers and abilities.< Less
Grand Grimoire of Solomon the King By William R. Wraithe
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The Keys of Solomon are one of the most noted books in Ritual Magick. All books of the Greater, Lesser, Lemegeton, and Ars series are all in this book including the Magickal Use of Psalms and the... More > Testament of Solomon. I have revised all books and illustrated each seperately. There are also notes from me regarding missing information and lost seals and sigils. If you know of the Keys then this is the book for you - my version is more indepth than anyone could ever make.< Less
GGOS By William R. Wraithe
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Spare was regarded as an artist of considerable talent and good prospects, but his style was apparently controversial. Critical reaction to his work in period ranged from baffled but impressed, to... More > patronizing and dismissive. This book includes the Book of Satyrs, The Book of Pleasure, The Focus of Life, Anethema of Zos, Logomachy of Zos, and the Zoetic Grmioire of Zos. This book is a must buy for any collector and student of all forms of Magick.< Less