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Before He Was Born By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $10.84
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This book (5th Ed. Release 1 Mar 2017, 308 pages, 978-0-9526192-0-8) examines texts in the NT which are interpreted as proving that Jesus had some manner of existence prior to his birth of the Virgin... More > Mary. Every text is examined and shown not to bear this implication once they are read in the light of Jewish typological patterns. Jesus "existed" in the types of the OT narratives, but he did not literally pre-exist in heaven.< Less
Old Earth Creationism By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $5.69
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This book (Third Edition, Release 4, Mar 2017, ISBN 978-0-9563841-8-8, 123 pages) defends Genesis against the two main attacks on its credibility as history - the account of Creation and Noah's... More > Flood. First, it argues that the earth is as old as scientists say but that Genesis records a recently concluded localised special creation by God, but one that is part of a long history of God's creative work with the planet. Secondly, it interprets the account of Noah's Flood as a local Mesopotamian flood and thereby shows that it is credible history. On both counts, Bible readers are encouraged to believe in the Bible as relevant to their thinking about our origins. An appendix to the book explains how we should understand the genealogy of Genesis 5 and its long ages.< Less
Church Diaries and Letters By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $6.97
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This book (978-0-9563841-9-5, Release 4 (Jan 2017),149 pages) is a collection of humorous diaries and letters about church events like outreach and evangelistic weeks, fellowship weekends and other... More > things like letters from foreign parts to the church back home.< Less
Biblical Investigations By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $9.50
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This book (Revision 2, Apr 2014, 237 pages; ISBN 978-0-9563841-3-3) is a collection of essays that defend the Bible as the inerrant and inspired Word of God. Some essays have previously been... More > published in magazines, but are now difficult to obtain; other essays are new. The essays included are "Bible Study", "Evaluating the King James Version", "The Unvarnished New Testament", "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Bible Translation", "Inspiration", "Exegetical Considerations relating to Inspiration", "Luke as Scripture", "The Spirit of Elijah", "Old Testament History", "Old Earth Creationism", "Heaven", "Creation Types in Exodus", "Noah's Flood", "The Historical Jesus" and "Finding God".< Less
Just a Minute By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $5.65
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This book is an attempt to talk about having and maintaining Christian belief today in “the west” or “the developed world”. This isn’t a book of traditional... More > “minute meditations” because these are usually devotions directed towards God and Jesus. This is a book of “minute thoughts”, mostly about the human struggle to believe. It has been designed as a series of thoughts that take mostly a minute or less to read (there are a few exceptions). The author says in the Preface, “I often have short thoughts which strike me as worth keeping; a bit like having a ‘thought for the day’. I write them down but then they languish on a hard disk...So, I thought it was worthwhile to collect them together.”< Less
Creationism By Andrew Perry
Hardcover: $24.25
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Creationism (ISBN 978-0-9574460-8-3; First Edition, Revision 2, 540 pages, Nov 2016) is the collected trilogy of the latest editions of the paperbacks 'Old Earth Creationism', 'Historical... More > Creationism', and 'Special Creationism'.< Less
Special Creationism By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $12.07
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This book (Fourth Edition, Revision 1 (Nov 2016), 298 pages, 978-0-9574460-5-2) examines the creation, evolution and intelligent design debate. It presents an Old Earth Creationist view and combats... More > theistic evolution. It argues that Genesis 1 is an account of a recent special creation of a habitable environment for humankind focused on Mesopotamia. The account is nevertheless exemplary for all of the planet (and the universe), teaching that God is a creator of all things at all times. Evolution is a matter for Science and to be considered in the pre-Adamic space. Genesis presupposes the existence of the planet and Science has shown that there is an ancient history of life on earth. Philosophically, Science cannot exclude divine action (special creation) from this history. And Genesis gives us warrant for seeing the creative acts of God throughout the history of life on earth and nature shows this to have been the case in evidence for its intelligent design.< Less
Christadelphian EJournal of Biblical Interpretation Annual 2016 By Eds., Andrew Perry, Paul Wyns, Tom Gaston
Paperback: $16.04
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The Christadelphian EJournal is published quarterly and released as a paperback 'annual' each October. It is an academic journal that seeks to interact with scholarship from the standpoint of... More > Biblical Unitarianism and the Abrahamic faith. The accompanying website is< Less
Isaiah 40-66 By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $20.18
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This commentary is part of the Christadelphian Academic Commentary Series This volume is the first of a two-volume treatment of Isaiah 40-66. This volume covers chapters 40-48 (ISBN... More > 978-0-9934440-2-9, 576 pages, November 2015); the second volume covers chapters 49-66 (978-0-9934440-3-6, 495 pages, November 2015).< Less
Isaiah 40-48 By Andrew Perry
Paperback: $14.58
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Isaiah 40-48 (Second Edition, Rev. 7a, November 2015, 379 pages, ISBN 978-0-9563841-1-9) argues that the traditional Babylonian reading of these chapters is wrong and it presents a new reading that... More > situates these oracles in the years 701-699. It offers a new explanation of Isaiah's famous Cyrus prophecy and shows how Isaiah's oracles relate to events east of Jordan, to Sennacherib's campaign in Babylonia in 700, and to the visit of the Babylonian envoys.< Less