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Cartoons from Underground. What people are saying about you.What you are saying without realising. And what it looks like.
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The SAD and HUMOROUS STORY of MAN since his CREATION out of the CENTRE. His encounter with the Tree of Knowledge. His identification with his body and his assumption that he is NAKED. His expulsion... More > from the Garden of Eden. His continuous and accelerating degeneration. Killing his fellow animals for their skins to clothe his body and their flesh to feed it. Exploitation of their living bodies for his labour and amusement. Torturing them in his VIVISECTION laboratories. Enslavement of his fellow humans. Endless WARS and GENOCIDES. Pollution and poisoning of MOTHER EARTH. Persecution of enlightened well-wishers, like JESUS, who come offering SALVATION. The UBIQUITOUS EGO that slips in everywhere and prevents him from seeing the obvious – even the FOOD ON HIS PLATE. His conditioning of each new generation of INNOCENTS with FALSE EDUCATION and PSEUDO-RELIGIONS. And THE SOLUTION? How Man can reverse the direction of millions of years, fulfil his Destiny and REDISCOVER HIS TRUE IDENTITY in the CENTRE.< Less
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The History of Jehovah from the Creation of the World until Joshua's genocide at Jericho. From the Hebrew histories in Hebrew and Aramaic. Translated by scholars chosen by King James, Head of the... More > Church of England between 1604 and1611. This is the church founded by the Uxoricide, King Henry the Eighth so that he could divorce his wives. With comments by Socrates.< Less
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Drugs are substances that lead men to carelessness about their own bodies. These become sick and degenerate. Judgement is impaired and men make mistakes in their work, their driving, their... More > relationships wih others. Their families and dependents too are affected by the errors of judgement which result from their carelessness. The Buddha pinpoints that it is the carelessness resulting from taking drugs that causes errors in our thinking and behaviour. This carelessness is avoided if the cause, the drugs themselves are given up. (14 pages)< Less
Basic Buddhist Meditation By Brian Taylor
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The aim of Buddhist Meditation is the realisation of Nibbāna. Nibbāna is eternal peace and happiness, free from any suffering or unsatisfactoriness. There is nothing higher or better than... More > Nibbāna. The method is similar to focusing one’s attention, minutely, on the detail of the images that appear on the cinema screen. If one can restrain oneself from being drawn into the story of the film, one comes to see that all these pictures, which succeed each other so rapidly, are none of them real; the fire is not hot, the water is not wet, the heroine is not a real girl.Becoming disenchanted with the illusion of it all, suddenly one sees the screen behind it. Clear and bright and free from distracting images. Similarly, when one becomes disenchanted with the endless flow of phenomena at the sense doors, one has a sudden direct experience of Nibbāna< Less
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This book contains results of investigations into previous births, the activities of astrals and practical time travel; that is attempted verification of past events.These things are not accessible... More > by the normal "tools" of investigation. These “tools”, apart from pure reason and logical probability, are invariably tools which measure material evidence; which means data collected at the five sense doors. Astrals, being mentally constructed forms, cannot normally be perceived by senses whose function is to contact the material world. There is in existence, however, a continuous mental facsimile of events in the material universe – the time track. It bears the same relationship to the material world as a mirror except that when the material events cease and disappear, the continuous reflected images continue to have the potentiality to “exist”. The mental eye (Third-Eye) can be used to see mental forms (astrals) that exist now, just as the physical eye is used to see physical forms that exist now.< Less
The Five Nivāraṇas By Brian Taylor
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A translation and analysis of the Five Buddhist Hindrances which are obstacles to the practice of the Path which leads to the end of Suffering and rebirth in the Sangsara and to Nibbana.
VIENNA By Brian Taylor
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POETRY WITH COLOURED ILLUSTRATIONS. Sigmund Freud, a dull man, started off conventionally, as dull men do, with cocaine, electrotherapy and hypnosis. Things became more exciting though when he moved... More > to the second floor and had a realisation rivalling that of St Paul. in 1670 the Jews were expelled.(Again). As an exceptional condescension, Samuel Oppenheimer was the first to be allowed back to the Court. (He was exceptionally rich). Otto,the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s younger brother once strolled into the hotel lobby naked, except for his sword and the Order of the Golden Fleece around his neck. In 1968, Günter Brus urinated into a glass and dipped his penis into a foaming beer mug. “Inheritance Powders.” If you gave these to your rich relative you would inherit his money sooner. Here the lunatics are free. They walk the streets confined within their minds, and peer out through the blinds and the visors of their faces. (66 pages)< Less
Blindness Kindness By Brian Taylor
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POCKET BOOK. THE FALL - Each tentacle that used to be anonymous is now by mutual consent autonomous. They may behave at first a bit like fools but they'll get better when they know the rules. (73... More > pages)< Less
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HERE (AND NOW) Clusters of English “unofficial” roses have climbed the fence to face the sun. Each in its crimson finery supposes that it, alone, is the only one. Honeysuckle tangles... More > with its vagrance bramble and lavender, rose and gorse, fills the still air with its golden fragrance there where the steps run a wayward course. Shamrock has camped with a fragile neatness just where the foxgloves have unfurled; the privet has flowered and its lemon sweetness hedges the edges of this living world. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Imagine you have an audience. (Which you have). And people are listening to everything you say. (Which they are). And everything you say is being written down. (Which it is). And may be used in evidence against you. (Which it will be). Don’t you wish you could be alone?< Less