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Warren Bluhm
Refuse to be Afraid By Warren Bluhm
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Tired of the fear mongers? Ready to plow through the nagging doubts and outright fears of various sizes and shapes that are keeping you from living your best life? Eager to take the leap into that... More > new job, start that new business, or meet that person you'd really like to know better? What's keeping you back? This is the challenge before you: Faced with a scary reality, to navigate past the anxiety, refuse to be afraid, and free yourself to move on to your dreams. This revised and expanded edition of Warren Bluhm's groundbreaking 2010 book is more relevant to our times than ever.< Less
The Imaginary Revolution By Warren Bluhm
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The people of Sirius 4 tried to overcome tyranny the old-fashioned way: by force. It turned out to be an imaginary revolution, replacing one violent regime with another. Raymond Douglas Kaliber... More > suggested another way: that free people living by a spirit of non-aggression could live in peace and prosperity with one another. Before he could launch that bold experiment, however, he had to defeat the greatest tyrant of them all: his best friend ... Set in the same universe as the interplanetary romp The Imaginary Bomb, this novel sets a different tone, told in the voice of the man who led a planet to true freedom.< Less
A Scream of Consciousness By Warren Bluhm
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From the author of Refuse to be Afraid: The moment you realize or remember that you are sentient, that is, that you are alive and aware of being alive – is exhilarating. There’s more to... More > life! You can’t change yesterday and tomorrow doesn’t exist. All you have is now, this moment. What do you need to do right now, right here? The conscious person considers the needs of the moment, and acts — and then moves on to the next moment ... Are you ready to make a difference? This book is about becoming alive, getting in touch with God and the universe, and embracing the here and now – here, and now.< Less
Wildflower Man: short stories and musings By Warren Bluhm
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“The best miracles happen when you stop trying to force things into line.” A man brings his vision of wildflowers before a skeptical city council committee ... Death comes to collect on... More > an old loan ... Two little boys discover legs don’t necessarily stay attached forever and ever ... In the future, it will be possible for a murderer to serve multiple lifetime sentences ... Horace “Todd Kaye” Dodson yearned to live in the days of oldtime radio – and one day he gets his wish ... Two dearly departed denizens of a certain Midwestern city visit the local museum ... An artiste learns his vision isn’t the only vision of his vision. These tales and more from storyteller Warren Bluhm await within these pages.< Less
Resistance to Civil Government - Henry David Thoreau By Warren Bluhm
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Even a cursory reading of Henry David Thoreau’s immortal essay about civil disobedience reveals echoes in contemporary discussions of individual rights and the limits of government in a free... More > society. Its themes resonate into the 21st century. Faced with a federal government that condoned the institution of slavery and was waging a war of questionable origin in Mexico, Thoreau pushed his readers to consider the responsibility of an individual with conscience. This new edition includes “The definition of a peaceable revolution,” an introductory essay by Warren Bluhm.< Less
Tom Paine's Letters to the Citizens of the United States By Warren Bluhm
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Even as the ink began to dry on the Declaration of Independence proclaiming a break from the tyranny of European-style government, a faction began plotting to re-forge the chains and re-establish... More > Europe in the new world. When Thomas Paine returned to the United States in 1802 after a decade and a half abroad, he saw the leftover effects of a presidential administration who didn't trust the people to exercise the blessings of liberty appropriately. And so he wrote a series of eight letters, seven of them in fairly quick succession, with his thoughts about revolution, liberty and the state of the young nation he helped create. These letters remain relevant to this day.< Less
The Imaginary Bomb By Warren Bluhm
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Scientists have harnessed the power of the imagination as a source of energy. Of course, whenever a new power source is discovered, some idiot finds a way to create a weapon with it. Bob Whelan and... More > Pete Wong are independent interstellar truckers caught in the middle between those who have developed a bomb based on the principles of imaginary physics — and those who want to stop them. Along the way they find a new friend, an old friend and a small pile of adversaries.< Less