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Creating a calendar on Lulu is fast and easy

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Custom Holidays

Add birthdays, anniversaries, or any event on any day

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Perfect Gifts

Your custom calendar makes the perfect personal gift

lulu calendar themes

Standard Calendar

US Letter Landscape | 11 x 8.5 in

The Standard Calendar hangs with the photo and month on 2 different pages separated by the coil. There are 4 Calendar grid themes to choose from.

Two Paths To Create

Calendar Creator Tool

Design an original calendar using your images and Lulu's calendar themes. Include national holidays and add your own events. The fastest and easiest way to create your calendar.

Upload Your Own

Download the Calendar Template Bundle to create a calendar exactly the way you want. Follow Lulu's specifications and layout guide to ensure your unique calendar is amazing! Create a project and Upload your print PDF when your custom design is complete.

Calendar Template Bundle

Choose a 12 or 18 month Calendar and download the design bundle with everything you need to get started. Includes our Calendar Creation Guide and templates for InDesign and Photoshop.

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Learning Resources

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