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Popular Yearbook Formats

US Letter (Paperback)

Low-cost saddle stitch and perfect bound yearbook printing featuring a full color cover. Perfect for grade school yearbooks or small classes.


  • Paperback

  • Standard Black & White

  • 80# Paper

  • Starting at 3.80 USD

US Letter (Hardcover)

A coated cover for durability, hardcover is the classic format for yearbooks of all kinds.


  • Hardcover

  • Premium Color

  • 80# Paper

  • Starting at 14.88 USD

Square (Paperback)

Not your usual yearbook. A paperback yearbook printed in full color at 8.5 x 8.5 in square. Great for company or club books.


  • Paperback

  • Standard Color

  • 80# Paper

  • Starting at 3.50 USD

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