Cooking Up Something Special

Make Your Own Cookbook

Now Serving - Your Cookbook! Tune into this episode of Lulu University to learn how to create your very own cook book.

Popular Cookbook Formats

US Letter (Coil Bound)

Coil binding for a lay-flat cookbook with rich color images.


  • Coil Bound

  • Standard Color

  • 80# Paper

  • Starting at 6.86 USD

US Letter (Hardcover)

A hardcover cookbook makes the perfect keepsake gift.


  • Hardcover

  • Premium Color

  • 80# Paper

  • Starting at 13.45 USD

US Trade (Paperback)

Small and simple cookbook using our most common trade size.


  • Paperback

  • Standard Color

  • 80# Paper

  • Starting at 2.99 USD

Design Guide Bundle

Select your cookbook size and download the design bundle with everything you need to get started. Includes our Book Creation Guide and templates for InDesign and Photoshop.

Cook Up A Cookbook

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