Global Audience

From Amazon to brick and mortar bookstores, your book is available where readers shop

Format Options

Create both print and ebooks for distribution

One Dashboard

View all your book sales and revenue on Lulu

Distribution Guides

Global Distribution Guide

Requirements and guidance to create a print or ebook ready for Global Distribution.

Eligible Products Guide

Find the book size, page count, paper, ink, and binding options included in Global Distribution.

How To Sell With Global Distribution

Books using Global Distribution have some limitations based on the retailers we work with. You'll see which options are available on the Design step.

Start Your Project

Select Global Distribution when setting your Project goal.

Add Copyright & Metadata

Important information like your ISBN, used to identify your book.

Design Your Book

Upload your file and select from the available paper, ink, and binding options.

Add Details, Pricing & Payees

Finalize your book with a description and tell us how you want to be paid.

Approval And Fees

For print books, order a copy to proof and approve for distribution. For ebooks, pay the one-time distribution fee to submit your ebook for approval.

Global Distribution Submission

With your proof approved, retailers will review your book and list it within 8 weeks.

Book Pricing Calculator

Quality book printing at a reasonable price. Check pricing, format variations, retail pricing, and shipping for custom books or calendars.