Full Service

Limelight Publishing

Founded on the idea that publishing is not a daunting task, at Limelight Publishing, we help you get your book from an initial idea into print. With experienced professionals, we design and distribute your book exactly the way you want. Everyone has a unique story to tell and we are dedicated to the complete process; from manuscript to print, through to a unique cover design, distribution and sales management, as well as social media marketing, Limelight stops at nothing to ensure your book is exactly what you have always envisioned.


Bublish offers all the services an author needs to self-publish professionally: editing, cover design, interior layout, eBook conversion, marketing, and advertising. We also have book bubbles, our award-winning DIY marketing technology that enables authors to share insight-enriched book excerpts on your favorite social channels. During our Weekend Reader Marathon, we share the latest bubbles with 800,000 readers each week. You'll be able to see where and when readers engaged as well as which retailer they visited to learn more about your book.

Book Launchers

Book Launchers is a professional self-publishing team, helping you write, edit, design, publish, and promote your non-fiction book. Authors keep all rights and revenue.


At Fiverr you can hire freelancers that will help you take your vision from concept to bestseller. Anywhere from editing your first draft to designing your book cover, you can find the person that will accompany you through your book publishing journey.

From Manuscript To Book

Kate Winter provides individualized and comprehensive services to independent authors on the exciting journey From Manuscript To Book. Whether you need copyediting, interior formatting, cover design, ebook conversion, a matching author website, or all of the above and more, Kate will make sure your book is beautiful, professional, and ready for the world - as well as offering guidance through every step of the self-publishing process.

Gatekeeper Press

Gatekeeper Press is the world’s premier self-publishing service provider. Services include editing, cover design, Paperback/Hardcover/eBook Publishing & Distribution, illustrations, plus Copyright and LCCN Registration. Authors retain 100% rights, earn 100% revenue, and have 100% control. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Journey Written

Journey Written is a full-service book-writing company for Female Founders Ready to write their Founding Story & Testimony into a memoir. We work with the Founder ready to make an impact through her story and testimony. We provide a structured and organized writing process, one-on-one personalized guidance, and most importantly support in completing your book's manuscript!

Passion Project

Through one-on-one coaching, feedback and accountability, Cat Margulis helps authors start AND finish their book, sharing everything she has learned over 25+ years as a journalist, writer, editor and content strategist to help you finish your book so you can get your story and message out into the world. As your book coach, Cat makes the process effortless and fun, so that the journey is as fulfilling as the finished product. From coaching to editing to acting as your personal self-publishing sherpa, she’ll give you the space to play and explore, while holding you to your goals and timelines. She’ll also share whatever writing tips and tools she thinks will support you in the moment, so that you don’t get overwhelmed or waste time worrying about whether you’re doing any of it right. Cat will guide you the whole way through and walk you right up to the finish line—whether that’s querying agents and publishers, or supporting you through the self-publishing process to help make your book a success.

Publish Your Purpose

Publish Your Purpose is a hybrid publisher of non-fiction books. Our authors are thought leaders, experts in their fields, and visionaries paving the way to social change—from food security to anti-racism. As an LGBTQ+ and women-owned B Corporation™, our mission is to elevate the voices often excluded from traditional publishing. We intentionally seek out authors and storytellers with diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and unique perspectives to publish books that will make an impact in the world.

Star Maker Marketing

Star Maker Marketing offers financial advisors and business owners the opportunity to build authority and increase business opportunities with a lead-generation book. Home of the "BOOK It!" Home Study Program, Star Maker Marketing offers book coaching, ghostwriting and editing services, formatting and design, book cover design, and marketing strategies that will amplify your reach. From a book's concept to fulfillment, we'll take your dream of becoming an author and make it a reality. Click the "Learn More" button and schedule a conversation.

Summit Book Services

Summit helps all types of organizations in the book creation industry grow and prosper with our powerful outsourcing solution that’s simple to plug into your workflow. With our easy-to-use Workspace, you will have immediate access to a selection of professional quality book creation services you can use at any time from anywhere. Our strict quality control production standards will enable you to deliver an expertly produced book file to your client without the operational cost and challenge of doing it yourself. See how easy it is to increase your business productivity so you can focus on your business creativity. Create your free Workspace today!

Tell Tell Poetry

Tell Tell Poetry is a poetry resource site that turns wannabe poets into published authors by providing line edits, proofreading, book cover designs, interior layouts, and self-publishing support.

Writing Tools

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt provides you with a new creative writing prompt every day to help you beat writer’s block and kickstart your daily writing habit. You can share your work with others, ask for specific feedback, and build your writing community.

Plot Factory

Plot Factory is an online story planner that lets writers plan, organize, and write their stories & universes. With Plot Factory, you can craft your universe, forge rich characters and write amazing stories.


Supercharge your writing! Prolifiko is a productivity coach for writers determined to finish. Feel more positive, keep focused and meet all your deadlines with our science-backed online coaching programs and courses.


Great writing, made easier. Become the writer you always wanted to be. ProWritingAid uses Artificial Intelligence to catch more spelling and grammar errors. It enhances the strength and clarity of your writing with style and readability improvements. It also helps you build your writing technique with in-app explanations, videos and quizzes. Join over one million writers who already use ProWritingAid to self-edit like a pro.

Redbud Writing Project

Write. Workshop. Repeat. The Redbud Writing Project is a creative writing organization that offers classes in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, script-writing, and more. Redbud also offers manuscript consultations and coaching, either in-person or online, for writers at any stage of their process.

Editing & Formatting

Editorial Freelancers Association

The Editorial Freelancers Association is a national organization of more than 2,600 freelance editorial specialists who can help you take your manuscript to the next level. We help writers understand the editorial process and connect them to editors through our free Member Directory and Job List.

Ebook Launch

Looking to have your book professionally edited before you self-publish? Ebook Launch has a team of experienced and affordable editors to help. Ebook Launch also offers formatting services for epub, digest and trade print formatting. Our services for editing and formatting are simple, fast, and affordable. Get a free quote today.

Melissa Rose Design

Melissa Rose Design is a professional graphic design studio specializing in branding, website, and marketing design for food bloggers & creators. After starting her career designing food magazines at Better Homes & Gardens, Melissa loves infusing her professional experience into designing custom, engaging recipe cookbooks & eBooks for content creators. As a food blogger herself, she understands the intricacies of recipe development & publishing and can help you create the magazine-worthy cookbook of your dreams!


Technica Editorial is passionate about creating a positive experience for all authors. Our thoughtful and experienced editors are individually assigned to meet your needs, and offer a full range of editorial publishing services — from copyediting, page layout and design, formatting, proofreading, to print and online deliverables. We’re here to help!

Tell Tell Poetry

Tell Tell Poetry is a poetry resource site that turns wannabe poets into published authors by providing line edits, proofreading, book cover designs, interior layouts, and self-publishing support.

Write One Publications

Looking for professional developmental editing services to help refine your manuscript before self-publishing? Stefanie Newell-Ross, an experienced and reliable editor, offers comprehensive developmental editing services to authors looking to elevate their work. Her editing services help authors refine their ideas, clarify their message, and improve the overall structure and flow of their manuscript. She prides herself on providing fast and affordable editing services, with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Contact her today for a free quote and take the first step towards publishing success!

Cover Design

Bailey Designs Books

As an independent designer and illustrator, Bailey works directly with authors to create eye-catching and unique illustrated book covers. Commission Bailey for your own custom cover design, or visit her shop to see a range of premade book-covers for authors on a limited budget.

Ebook Launch

Since 2011, Ebook Launch has been designing beautiful book covers for independent authors and publishers. Let us use this experience to design your best-selling cover design to publish on Lulu.


At Fiverr you can hire freelancers that will help you take your vision from concept to bestseller. Anywhere from editing your first draft to designing your book cover, you can find the person that will accompany you through your book publishing journey.


GetCovers - book cover design services that don't break the bank. Our mission is to help all authors get published regardless of the budget. That's why our price packages range from $5 to $25.


MiblArt is a book cover design company for self-published authors. We believe that book cover design is one of the most important marketing tools and help authors get the best out of it.

Audio Books


Dive into the world of audiobook production with speed and excitement! Audiobook production no longer needs to be time consuming and expensive.

We work with you to transform your written words into captivating audiobooks in just days, not weeks. Audiobook production that not only saves you time but also elevates your listening experience.

DeepZen works with professional narrators and actors to create digital replicas of their voices. This isn't your robotic text-to-speech technology; it's digital voices with rhythm, stress, and intonation, bringing your text to life!

With DeepZen you can experience an affordable, new and exciting Audiobook production process that still captivates the magic of traditional narration.

Our experienced audio editors take pride in your production by playing with emotions, checking pronunciations and delivering a final product that's practically indistinguishable from a traditional narrator.

So, why settle for the mundane when you can embark on a new, cost-effective audiobook adventure with LuLu Press and DeepZen.

Findaway Voices

At Findaway Voices we have a whole team in place to help you create professional audiobooks. Let us connect you with the perfect narrator, manage your production from end-to-end, and prepare your digital audio files so they meet the technical specifications of every audiobook seller in the world.

Pro Audio Voices

The audiobook experts at Pro Audio Voices start with your goal then customize each project with the support you need to bring your vision to life with excellence. We offer production options: - full cast with music and/or sound effects - children’s books with music and/or sound effects - single narrator - narrating your own audiobook - narration in other languages Then we help leverage it through a range of marketing options to reach your goals. Our team helps you get from where you are to where you want to go.

Book Blurbs

Book Blurb Writing Service

When it comes to writing a book, “The End” is just the beginning. Let our team apply our years of marketing expertise as we create a book description that is designed to turn browsers into buyers. We can write book descriptions, also known as book blurbs, for many types of fiction and non-fiction genres as we employ our marketing savvy to mesmerize shoppers in an effort to spur sales of your book. Take advantage of our author discount that's designed to reward loyal customers who return to us time and again to order additional descriptions.

Tell Tell Poetry

Tell Tell Poetry is a poetry resource site that turns wannabe poets into published authors by providing line edits, proofreading, book cover designs, interior layouts, and self-publishing support.