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Discover The Order Import Tool

Lulu's Order Import tool makes it easy to place multiple orders for different customers simultaneously. Collect orders, create projects in your Lulu account, and dropship them to your readers globally.

The Order Import tool is free and available inside your Lulu account.

Using the Order Import Tool

Simplify your next book launch or crowdfunding campaign by easily fulfilling all your orders at once after you’ve collected funds from your readers. Eliminate inventory by dropshipping any project in your Lulu account to your customers all over the world.


Create a free Lulu account and publish your book.


Take pre-orders on another platform or run a crowdfunding campaign to sell the book.


Complete the CSV file template with order information.


Upload the completed CSV and place your order!

Why Use the Order Import Tool?

Manage Multiple Orders

Each customer order is unique, allowing you to reference individual order numbers, line items, order status, and shipping addresses from your Lulu account. And you can include multiple books in a single order, so your readers can get each edition you publish.

Improve Cash Flow

When you run a crowdfunding campaign, pre-launch sale, or take orders at an event, you get paid immediately. Then, simply bulk import orders into our user-friendly interface, and we’ll handle fulfillment and shipping.

Save Time & Money

Never spend hours packing books and taking them to the post office again. Using print-on-demand and the Order Import tool is a huge time saver.