Keep 100% of Your Profit

Sell directly and keep all of your revenue

White-Label & Automated Fulfillment

Brand packing slips with your logo and fulfill orders with print-on-demand

Retain Customer Data

Collect email addresses to build direct connections with your fans

What Is Lulu Direct?

Lulu Direct enables authors, creators, businesses, and publishers to take advantage of direct-to-consumer sales, combined with the ease and flexibility of print-on-demand. Have books, workbooks, journals, magazines, calendars, and more custom printed. Now available with popular ecommerce and hosting platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce on WordPress, this cutting-edge technology makes fulfillment and supply chain logistics easy for creators.

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Lulu Direct Integrations


Sell your books on your Wix site through Lulu Direct. Connecting is simple and lets you dropship print-on-demand books from your Wix store.

WooCommerce for WordPress

Connect your WordPress site using WooCommerce to the Lulu Direct dashboard. Connecting books is easy and orders are automatically sent to Lulu for printing and shipping.


With Lulu Direct for Shopify, you can easily sell your books through your Shopify store. Connect today to dropship your books to readers all over the world.

Lulu Print API

Integrate Lulu's global print network using the Print API. There are no fees and you pay only to print and ship orders.

Hear Directly From Our Creators

“Lulu Direct has offered me freedom and the ability to focus on other business areas by taking the shipping off my hands.”

Joselyn Martinez,

“Having my own store has given me the freedom to look at my creativity as a profitable business and lifelong career.”

– Phoebe Garnsworthy,

Lulu Direct FAQs

What Is Lulu Direct?

Lulu Direct connects Lulu's print-on-demand services to your website using popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce. You'll have access to all 3,000+ book format combinations Lulu offers and the freedom to design your interior and cover PDFs. 

When you publish a book using Lulu Direct, your customers will buy directly from you. Lulu will handle printing and shipping the book to your customer while you pay Lulu for printing and shipping costs.

Why Should I Use Lulu Direct?

Do you have an audience for your content, products, or services? Lulu Direct is perfect for creators and authors who are growing their business.

When you sell your books directly to your audience, you can capture your reader's email contact information for future marketing efforts. You’ll retain 100% of your revenue, only paying Lulu for printing and shipping costs, and enjoy white-label fulfillment for all your orders.

Because Lulu Direct is free to use and connects to popular ecommerce platforms, adding books to your store is simple.

What Are The Benefits Of Lulu Direct?

Lulu Direct connects Lulu’s print-on-demand and fulfillment to your website. Using Lulu Direct brings several benefits to your content business:

  • Retain 100% of your revenue

  • White-label shipping for all orders

  • Fully automated sales, printing, and shipping

  • Support for multiple product variants

  • Bulk ordering with the Order Import tool

When you use Lulu Direct to sell your book, customers buy from you directly. You control the price and know exactly how much you'll earn from every sale. With white-label receipts, your customers only see you and your brand when they order your book.

How Does Lulu Direct Work?

Once you’ve connected a Lulu Project to your website through Lulu Direct, your customers can purchase your book directly.

When they purchase, Lulu will automatically charge the payment method you’ve saved with us to pay for printing and shipping. Then, the book’s files are sent to the printer, where we’ll print, bind, and package the book for delivery. Finally, we ship the book directly to your reader.

After setting up all of Lulu Direct’s features, the entire ordering process can be automated, freeing you up to create more content!

Can Each Of My Customers Personalize Their Individual Order?

Yes, with Lulu Print API, you can create personalized books, accept orders through your site with those personalizations, and send the orders to Lulu’s printers.

Our Shopify app, Wix, and WooCommerce integrations do not have personalization options for individual projects. Each book you sell using Lulu Direct must be connected to the Shopify app, Wix, or WooCommerce with prepared files. Complete personalization requires a new file for each order based on the customer’s personalization.