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She Rises for Tomorrow

She Rises for Tomorrow

Volume 3

ByAbby Mason

Are you feeling stuck in a continuous daily routine? Sick and tired of working an endless 9-5 job, which you don't particularly like? Do you ever have the dream of making your own rules, running your own business, and becoming financially stable all out of the comfort of your own home? You are not alone. Many women out there wish for the freedom to have a career that fits around their ambitions and family lifestyle. Fear and uncertainty are what keeps most of us from taking an entrepreneurial risk. As a result, many women feel unfulfilled professionally. Fear not. There is hope. In this inspirational book, you'll read 15 inspiring stories from a bunch of brave women who have broken out of typical societal norms. They took action to make their dreams a reality; taking their ideas and making a better life for tomorrow. These women have overcome their own obstacles and found unique ways in which they can create a life they want to lead. If there's something keeping you from following your personal dreams and making your ideas a reality, then come on a journey with these strong and independent women. Get inspired from their stories and become equipped with their tried and tested tools to reach lifestyle independence.


Publication Date
May 24, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): Abby Mason



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