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Bring It Bitch!

ByAgent Tygress

Tish glared at Ellen the whole time they were stripping off their uniforms in the airlock chamber. They were the last two back from the live fire exercise. It hadn't been too bad today. Only three girls in their unit had been seriously injured and there was only one fatality. None of that rubbish was much on Tish's mind, however. What she was obsessed with was the way that Julia had been looking at Ellen during the exercise. And now they were alone, Trish was determined to settle the score with her love rival, even if it killed her! It was all leading towards a calamitous, no-holds-barred battle between two sexy, lethally-trained young women in zero-gravity conditions! Concept by Ragnar0k Story and art by Agent Tygress Contains 10 original high spec 3D images with 7 additional bonus images and 7,500 words of original and scintillatingly sexy, fetish sci-fi by Agent Tygress! Delivered in screen-resolution PDF file An original work of sci-fi erotica for mature readers only!


Publication Date
Aug 10, 2018
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Agent Tygress



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