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Inner Child Discovery Journey Workbook

ByAgnese Iskrova

This workbook is all about you. It is all about getting to meet your Inner Child. It is all about understanding what makes YOU you. Let’s look at your life. Let’s take a look at what you were like when you were a child and how those past experiences make you feel now when you remember them. Your past shaped the YOU you are today. The more you understand what happened, the more you get to know the real you. Inner child is the part of us that lets us understand why we react, feel, and make decisions. Even if you are not aware of the inner child within you, it is still there! Let yourself meet the inner child that lives deep within you. Get to know it. Make them your friend! Our inner child never goes away or disappears, no matter what age we are. It also never grows up. Your inner child is the part of your personality that still reacts and feels like a child, no matter how grown up you are. The aim of the inner child work is not to help it “grow up” or to turn it into an “inner adult”. That is never going to happen, even if you are trying hard to accomplish that. You can meet your inner child right now. You don’t have to wait, you don’t need any perfect timing, you don’t need anyone’s permission. You are the result of all the memories and experiences you have had since you were born. This shaped you into who you are now.


Publication Date
May 20, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Agnese Iskrova



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