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Forest and Other Stories

ByAiden Howell

“Forest” Three young adults go on a camping trip out into an unfamiliar forest. The forest has rumors of missing people and tales of hauntings. The campers soon encounter the rumors for themselves as they each find themselves getting separated. Something we can learn from this story is to not go into unknown places late at night cause you never know what it can lead to. “Freighter “ Ada, the captain of a large space freighter, experiences some trouble while hauling an unknown package from one planet to another. Even not knowing what's inside the package Ada knows she must protect it with her life and sure the large wooden crate doesn't get into the hands of someone who could abuse that power. Something we can take from this story is understanding the big picture and making decisions based on the world overall and not just our own selfish ideas and wants. This story shows the thought process of someone who has to sacrifice her own benefits for the world and takes losses just to prevent everyone else from experiencing these. “Shore” A calming night at the beach is interrupted by the haste of the large dog bouncing into the water. The dog's owner quickly appears behind me. The unfamiliar voice echos behind me as the splashing of the dog continues ahead. What did this man want? Something that we can take away from this story is to look at the good instead of the bad in situations. Even though the beach was calmer and quieter before the man and his dog appeared I was presented with new opportunities and situations after they show up.


Publication Date
May 17, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Aiden Howell




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