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30 Days Flexibility Home Stretching

Byajay agni

Discover The 8-Minute Secret To Full Splits And How To Boost Core Mobility Or Relieve Your Muscles! Are you tired with long, ineffective stretching programs and that simply don’t provide the results they promise? Welcome to the 30 Day Hyperbolic Stretching® Video Program, the world’s leading flexibility transformation plan that focuses on long lasting results, safety and rapid flexibility gains, applied with success to over 300,000 members! Many fitness trainers recommend stretching exercises before and after extensive workout sessions because stretching exercises are important for optimal performance. However, many people and fitness experts are doing stretches in the wrong way that doesn’t unlock their best athletic performance. Hyperbolic Stretching corrects this mistake by targeting pelvic floor muscles. According to Alex, ‘Survival reflux’ is the main reason people cannot achieve their maximal flexibility. This program aims to switch off this ‘tension reflux’ so that you can achieve a new level of flexibility and mobility. Inside this program, Alex uses ancient stretching moves to push you to achieve the performance you desire. This program is a 4-phase program containing the split test, warm-up series, stretching exercises for one to four weeks, and flexibility maintaining instructions. You will get PDFs and videos in this program. You can watch these videos online, but there is no option to download or save these videos on your computer. So internet connection is a must to access these videos. Hyperbolic Stretching is a gender-based stretching program that claims that full-body stretching can transform your whole body within just four weeks (eight minutes a day). It has different stretching techniques for men and women because they have different fitness goals. This program is suitable for beginners and advanced professionals. However, does it deliver to its claim? Generally, stretching is the cornerstone of any workout routine as fitness experts preach it to warm up muscles, decrease injury risk, and improve recovery. Additionally, many dance groups suggest stretching to increase the range of motions.


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Sep 26, 2021
Health & Fitness
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By (author): ajay agni



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