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ByAkosa Winifred Adaugo

This book “STING” is based on a real-life story. The start of any relationship they say is the most important. It is the foundation or bedrock of it all. So it has to be filled with lots of love (from both sides), trust, and much more.But oftentimes, no matter the amount of love, trust, loyalty, affection, and sex you try to build it with, it still ends up crumbling to the ground; hence, heartbreak. At this point, you regret it all and hate yourself for going all out loving that special one who also ended up to be like the rest. You give up on love saying, "I will never love again." Well, you know how that went down.Yet, in between all this, loneliness strikes, you try to find closure, either by calling your "ex" or finding another who could just fill up the void; you feel like you need someone and if you don't find this person (have this closure) you're not worth nothing. However, that's not true. In this book, you will discover the thin line between loneliness and aloneness. It may be thin but it's there and that means you can get your self-worth without depending on the affection of another. You don't believe me? Keep reading. This secret worked for me, it worked for Osora, and you will meet her soon.


Publication Date
Dec 28, 2021
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Akosa Winifred Adaugo



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