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Drugs and critical lab values for emergency cases

ByAnas Abdullah

A Nurse’s Guide to Learn Everything They Need to Know About Critical Care and How to Administer High-Alert Medications - Stay Informed About Medication Side Effects, What Symptoms to Look Out For, and Know Critical Lab Values! Nurses, are you looking for a way to learn about emergency medicine and critical lab values? We understand that nurses need to observe the signs and symptoms of the patient's side effects. That's why we offer information that is designed specifically for nurses. With this book, you can be confident in your ability to administer emergency care safely and effectively. Drugs and Critical Lab Values for Emergency Cases is an essential guide for nurses who want to learn how to administer emergency medicine in a safe manner. It also provides information on preventive medications that are most likely to harm patients when used by mistake. This guide is packed with information that is carefully curated and easy to follow! You will be able to observe the signs and symptoms of the patient's side effects with ease. In this book, you’ll discover: ● Important Acronyms and Abbreviations. ● How to conduct effective lab tests. ● Everything about emergency drugs, their dosage, and how to safely use them. ● The different units for lab values! ● Learn what to look out for in lab test results. ● How to respond during an emergency. ● And so much more! Make sure you have this guide at your fingertips in case of an emergency! Find out everything a nurse needs to know and safe to use high-alert medications and what to look out for during lab tests. Scroll up, Click on “Buy Now”, and Get Your Copy Now!


Publication Date
Jun 29, 2021
Science & Medicine
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Anas Abdullah



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