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Free to be Me

A Transparent Journey to Breaking the Chains Imposed by Others

ByAnnette Copeland Johnson

Free To Be Me…it’s my journey to breaking the chains imposed by the demands and expectations of others. The words penned in this book are fueled with passion and desire to speak to the heart of women. However, the principles, life lessons, and ministry experiences are relatable and can be embraced by men and women of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Freedom begins with a decision. Turning the pages of this book will empower you to take the necessary steps toward flourishing in this status. Get ready to have a better grip on what it takes to free yourself from barriers that attempt to diminish your self-worth and stop you from reaching your fullest potential. Hold on tight because you’ll discover chains that have silently suffocated your voice and influence. But, when you arrive to the last sentence in this book, you’ll find the strength to begin your journey to a place called FREE-dom. Yes, who you are is important, and what you have to say matters. In fact, someone is depending on you to break free today so that they can live tomorrow.


Publication Date
Jan 11, 2022
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Annette Copeland Johnson



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