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The Articulate Advisor

ByAnthony Solimini

Your success in your professional, financial, and personal life depends to a great extent on your ability to articulate your value and vision to your clients! Are you selling or marketing financial products or services? Do you want to sell more? Sell with less stress? Build better, longer lasting relationships? Communicate more effectively? Learn Anthony Solimini's secrets of sales success with three easy words: Trust, Comfort, and Confidence. Sales professional Anthony Solimini is passionate about effective communication and its power to increase sales. "Before people can make a buying decision, they need to trust you, like you, and want to be around you," he believes. He consults with and trains executives in major companies across the USA to: • Become an articulate and engaging speaker by being more expressive • Use a proven sales methodology to close more deals with less stress and resistance • Help advisors identify their prospect's preferred communication style • Avoid vague and unspecific language. Do not refer to products, strategies, concepts, etc. as “things.” Always use the correct word for what you are talking about. Specificity builds credibility • Take control of your conversations by making sure that your gestures and facial expressions support your words • Understand the use of pauses: Strategically pause before and after the words and phrases you want to emphasize


Publication Date
Jun 5, 2020
Business & Economics
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By (author): Anthony Solimini



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