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Copycat Cookbook

A Complete Step-By-Step Recipes Book To Make Your Favourite Dishes From The Most Popular Restaurants With 150 + Delicious And Tasty Meals That You Can Prepare Comfortably At Home

ByAnthony Taylor

Are you looking for a cookbook containing handpicked amazing recipes? Are you looking for tasty and easy restaurant recipes to prepare? If yes, keep reading, this book is your next cooking buddy in the kitchen. ★ This book covers more than 150 accurate and tasty recipes from the most famous restaurants. So, you can cook your favorite dishes in your kitchen, using your tools with your own hands. Feel more excited about cooking while you give your touch to the meals you will be preparing. It will be gratifying and exciting. You can make homemade versions of the meals you love from your favorite restaurants, adapting them to your taste, at a lower cost, and with health benefits! Restaurant recipes usually contain more ingredients rich in fat than dishes prepared at home. We all yearn to be raised with so much love from family members, and it's always the happiest feeling to be with them. Whenever we are away from home, we miss our family and always look at the warm feeling that our home brings us. That is why, after an exhausting day, we always want to go home to our family. Once again, we feel that happiness when all family members gather to share and create sweet memories together. Nevertheless, people are always busy at work or school, no matter how much you've always wanted to be together. So make it a habit to eat your meals together every time you have the chance to spend time with your loved one. I want to make your life easier and give you more time in this busy family life. Let's not miss a delicious family meal, if possible, to spend more time together with our loved ones. This book covers the following topics: • Famous Breakfast and Brunch Recipes • Pasta Soups Recipes • Beef and Pork Recipes • Bread and Pizza • Snacks and Desserts Recipes • Restaurant favorite recipes • Sides and Salads Recipes • Poultry and Fish …And Much More! Preparing and eating such recipes at home offers opportunities for the whole family to chat about their day. It is not only a fun thing to do, but it is also a perfect way to teach your kids good eating habits by involving them in food preparation (maybe by letting them read the recipe out loud or mixing the ingredients). So, get your kitchen ready, grab a copy of this book now and start cooking!


Publication Date
Oct 19, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Anthony Taylor



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