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No Nonsense

ByArlynn Mackie

Skyler Newmar was your average seven year old boy until he tragically lost his parents. Thrust into a foreign world, he must learn to adapt to being an orphan. A Victim of harsh discipline, constant rejection and the looming loneliness of being the newest member of Sunshine Orphanage, Sklyer learns to blend in a crowd. Then the Hance Twins, two children who share an equal scar of abandonment come to town and help Skyler escape the horrid facility until they realize living on their own is not as easy as it seems. They must learn to survive and trust to one another; after all, they are all they have. Years pass and the trio encounters new, and challenging obstacles while attempting a fresh start but their past comes back to haunt them. Just as they start to make the Darjeeling Mansion their home a devastating falling out occurs. Follow Skyler on his journey to maturity and his search for the perfect family. Will he find it, or destroy his only chances of being a normal kid again.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Arlynn Mackie



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