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Tibetan Burning Palms

ByAshida Kim

Sensei Senzo Tanaka of the Japanese Kokuryukai, was heavily involved in the training of many famous martial artists, including the infamous Count Dante. The Count was an expert in many styles and practiced with masters of every field in addition to participating in and surviving several Oriental Death Matches. He was scheduled to fight again in 1975 but his untimely death allowed his protégé Frank Dux to attend and become the first American to win the event. In the movie Bloodsport, he is asked to prove he is a student of Senzo Tanaka and therefore eligible to fight in the closed Kumite matches by demonstrating his skill at Dim Mak. He did this by shattering a brick with a technique known as the Tibetan Burning Palm. The judges knew this was a signature technique of the Kokuryukai, taught only to senior students. But, it was not Sensei Tanaka who taught Frank Dux the Tibetan Burning Palm. It was Grandmaster Lawrence Day. E When done properly this technique can be dangerous.


Publication Date
Mar 9, 2011
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By (author): Ashida Kim



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