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Praying with Power and Purpose

ByAshley Arbor Ministries

This is a little booklet to help you pray with power and purpose for those on your heart, for our troubled nation and for the world. Today, too many people think they do not have the time to pray because life is too busy. Therefore, much darkness and trouble remains unchallenged. And we—YOU—can make a difference! In our later years, we usually do have more time. And the promise of God is that these later years can be the most “fruitful” of all the years of our lives! As long as we have breath, we can pray. Our prayers can “move mountains” and change circumstances in people’s lives, in our nation and in the world. When we pray in the name of Jesus the power of heaven moves. Circumstances and people will change. There is nothing that God cannot do. Our prayers release His power and His will on earth. May we never, ever think that our days of usefulness and accomplishments are over, because scripture says something different!


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Ashley Arbor Ministries



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