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What Do We Find Beautiful?

What Do We Find Beautiful?

ByAudrey Barriball

"Easter and a 104th Birthday Party" Imagine you live to be one hundred and four years old. You might have grief, medical problems, and a tiny room at a nursing home. But what would still make you happy, even in the last years of your time on Earth? On a family road trip, a twelve-year-old girl celebrates Easter with her family in unusual circumstances and visits her great grandma for the last time. She learns from observing her grandma that change is inevitable, but it is always possible to get joy out of the company of loved ones. "The Indiana Dunes" Many family memories have been made at this state park, where the beach meshes with forest, marsh, and trails. "Fetch", "June", and "Someone is Home" Haiku strips wordiness down to its bare minimum. Fitting syllable restrictions is at times even harder than rhyming, These short, simple poems are each meant to capture a moment in a meaningful way. From a new season to playing with a pet, the experiences of life are made up of little sounds and images. "Speak Up" Talking to people can be tough, even in everyday interactions. Feeling awkward and judged makes it nearly impossible to cooperate when people want you to say more and be louder. "A Mother's Advice" Women and girls suffer from negative self-images because they have been taught to obsess over tiny details. What if we took a cue from nature and let our definition of "beauty" be more dynamic and authentic? "Gerwig's Adaptation Gives New Life to Classic" The newest film adaptation of the classic book Little Women swipes the dust off its cover and makes it a period piece worthy of attention.


Publication Date
May 17, 2022
Young Adult
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By (author): Audrey Barriball



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