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The Three Names - An impromptu mental magic effect

ByBas Jongenelen

Two spectators are each asked to think of a girl’s name (because your sister in law is pregnant and names are a big issue at the moment in your family.) You explain that you have a boy’s name in your head, and you ask the spectators to think what this boy’s name might be. You write three names on a three sheets of paper and you put the sheets in a bowl. The two spectators come up with Rose and Lily (for instance, they can come up with any other girl’s name). Ask the spectators what they think the name you had in mind was. ‘John,’ one of them says. The three sheets of papers or taken out of the bowl and the three names are revealed: (1) Rose (2) Lily (3) John The Three Names is completely self working, it’s a really easy to do mental effect. Especially for beginners in mentalism, because The Three Names does not use difficult moves or other typical magician’s gadgets. All you need is a pen or pencil, three pieces of paper and a bowl or glass.


Publication Date
Jul 20, 2010
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Bas Jongenelen



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