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A Project Manager's Notebook 2021

ByBernardo Tirado

Whether you are managing a project for the first time or a seasoned project manager, the goal of this all-in-one notebook is to help keep everything in one place. It is ideal to use one notebook per project. The notebook is divided into four sections: Project Templates, Risks, 2021 Planner, and Meeting Notes. 1) Project Templates contains templates to help capture all necessary information needed to run a project successfully such as defining the problem statement, listing what is out of scope, and capturing high-level milestones to name a few. 2) Risks contains templates dedicated to listing all the activities that can compromise the success of your project. 3) 2021 Planner contains a year-at-a-glance as well as a twelve-month 2021 calendar to help you keep your dates on track. 4) Meeting Notes contains templates where you can write your notes, ideas, list whom you met with by date, and actions or decisions made during your meetings. We welcome your feedback and any additions or changes that come to mind as you use this notebook, please feel free to reach out and send your thoughts to [email protected]


Publication Date
Feb 2, 2021
Notebooks & Journals
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Bernardo Tirado



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