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Better Than Starbucks May 2020

ByBetter Than Starbucks

The Interview — An Imagined Conversation with William Butler Yeats by Kevin McLaughlin, and a poem by William Butler Yeats. Featured Poems: Terminus by Jared Carter, Landscape of Remembrance by Tobi Alfier, Piano by Gabriel Awuah Mainoo, and Our paradise by Reena Choudhary. Featured Better Than Fiction! Hardened by Alexandra Persad. Free Verse with Suzanne Robinson featuring Tova Hinda Siegel, Natasha Sharma, Amber Natalie Kennedy, Victoria Hunter, Heikki Huotari, Sean Ferrier-Watson, and Kyle Walsh. Haiku with Kevin McLaughlin featuring Martin Golan, James Babbs, Sylvia Semel, Milorad sin Nade Tesla Ivankovic, Julia Rae, Margaret Tau, John Rowland, Angela D. Sargent, Hege Jakobsen Lepri, John Merkel, Sarah Mahina Calvello, Professor R.K. Singh, and Anita Sahoo. Formal & Rhyming Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Richard Wakefield, Kathryn Jacobs, Jennifer Reeser, Rhina P. Espaillat, Bruce Bennett, John Beaton, Frank Coffman, Gail White, Robert Donohue, Samuel Prestridge, Jan D. Hodge, Philip Piarrot, Michael R. Burch, and Marcus Bales. Free Verse with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Mary Durocher, Victoria Melekian, James Mulhern, Victoria Hunter, and Timothy Robbins. Poetry Translations with Susan McLean featuring Michael Burch translating Geoffrey Chaucer and Robert Schechter translating Antonio Machado. Poetry for Children with Robert Schechter featuring Darren Sardelli, Laura Mucha, Randi Sonenshine, and Steven Withrow. International Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Kushal Poddar, Ndue Ukaj, Kalyani Bindu, Chandra Gurung, Amirah Al Wassif, Mydavolu Venkatasesha Sathyanarayana, and Partha Sarkar. African Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Ndaba Sibanda, Darlington Chukwunyere, Sarah Amuche Akpu, Pearson Lemani, and Symon Maguru. Poetry Unplugged featuring Luke Kuzmish, Martin Porter, Gail White, Holly Day, Christine Liwag Dixon, and Eddie Brophy. Experimental & Form Poetry featuring Dylan Emmons, Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo, Aubree Zukowski, Rick Rohdenburg, Pamelyn Casto, and John L. Stanizzi. Fiction: The Time it Took to Tie My Shoes by Sarah Farmer. Flash Fiction: At the Campfire by Janice D. Soderling. More Flash & Micro Fiction: His Baby Girl by Thomas Elson, Carrion by Craig Dobson, and Laughter by Clive Aaron Gill. From The Mind: of Anthony Watkins. Cover Image: Gone Fishin’ by Phil Rowan.


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May 25, 2020
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By (author): Better Than Starbucks



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