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This Thing Called Love

Love, Romance, Relationship

ByBevely Wilson

The book True Love encompasses sacrifice, empathy, Forgiveness and Faithfulness. "If Love must be called Love,' the book says, 'then, it must answer feelings and decisions" “Love is sweet but when it goes Sour then the bitter taste is better imagined than experienced" Time and trend cannot change God’s principles and realities about these concepts sex and love. “It is beautiful to be in love...where you mean the whole world to somebody and he/she means same to you...but being in love is not an excuse to sin.” What is love? What is the God-kind of love? Is sex love? Keeping virginity for marriage; is it still in vogue? Riti’s biggest problem was how to love Mike and still love God. When Mike failed, she thought to live free and serve God better, but God has His plans; Ferdinand... ... This novel- THIS THING CALLED LOVE is exciting; easy-to-read format-a story, a-must-read!


Publication Date
Aug 15, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Bevely Wilson



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