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Ultimate Putting

ByBob Cisco

The Putting Book Golfers Have Been Waiting For! Key Putting Fundamentals. Key data on grip, stance, styles of putting. Alignment How to find your own style. The Mental Aspects to Great Putting. How to flow into the putt with a precise routine that keeps you focused and confident! Make more putts and putt like the Pros "Bob Cisco's Ultimate Putting" book reveals the truth about the putting game. Success Story from touring pro. What I have learned from Bob Cisco about putting and the scoring game is simply astounding. He has given me the laws and actually the secret of great putting. I've learned the true secret to putting is FEEL and Bob's book is all about the importance of feel in the stroke. I went from being a good putter to a super putter and won many golf tournaments with the invaluable information from this book. I totally recommend this book! Jeff Anderson - Pro golfer. Winner of the So Calif Open and over 40 pro golf events.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Bob Cisco



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