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Creat e your own economy : The Prosperity Formula 3C Create Your Own Economy is a comprehensive wealth creation program that is based on a Prosperity Formula C3TM: Consciousness, Creativity and Connections. The formula has been used by founders of the Chairman’s Club to earn millions of dollars. Members of the Chairman’s Club from all over the world are using this formula to duplicate what the people who originated the Club have done. The Prosperity Formula C3TM has been embedded in every lesson of Create Your Own Economy, and can now enable you to enjoy the financial rewards thousands of others are enjoying all over the world. Consciousness Consciousness, or conscious awareness, is a subject that most people give very little thought to; yet, it governs our success in life. The more you raise your level of consciousness the more you will improve the quality of your life. A person does not earn $100,000 a year because they want $100,000 a year. They earn $100,000 a year because they are not consciously aware of how to earn $100,000 a month. Every aspect of the Create Your Own Economy program has been designed to assist you in developing a greater conscious awareness of the critical elements that are vital to your ability to earn money. The higher you raise your consciousness the more your creativity will flow. Creativity Go back in human history as far as you choose, and you will find that wealthy individuals have always had Multiple Sources Of Income. A critical component in the Create Your Own Economy program is using your creativity to develop and set up Multiple Sources of Income. Through the effective use of this program, you will begin to develop your Creative Potential and it will be reflected in the number and quality of MSIs you establish. The more creative you become the more you will attract powerful connections. Connections Connections, the final component of the Prosperity Formula C3TM, is what enables you to leverage yourself, your time and your ideas. The connections you attract accelerate the growth in creating your own economy. Other people contribute to your success probably more than any other single component. The more connections you attract the greater will be your success. As you connect with some individuals, joint ventures will be established; together you cooperate to create additional sources of income and all involved will enjoy the benefits.


Publication Date
Jan 7, 2023
Personal Growth
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By (author): BOB PROCTOR



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