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Brocton Chronicles: Book I

ByBrandy Golden

Brocton Chronicles is a series of delightful stories about Maddie Danvers, the wife of a preacher in Brocton, Kentucky, and her friends. Set in the turn of the twentieth century, the escapades that headstrong Maddie gets up to may well cause a few gasps of laughter and even sympathy when Heath, her husband, is forced to curb her antics. Sam Decker, the mercantile owner of Brocton, introduces Heath to the advantages of taking his young wife over his knee when she gets into trouble. Heath becomes an avid learner! Maddie rebels, but soon finds that all of her new-found friends are in the same boat that she’s now in, much to her chagrin. Sparks fly in these homespun and delightful tales of a Kentucky town where the men firmly believe that a good spanking is the best way to deal with their headstrong and stubborn women! For adults only. NOTE: The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by Lulu.Com. The actual book cover is attractive and clear.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Brandy Golden



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