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The Half-Breed Gunslinger

ByBret Lee Hart

YA Novella - In 1860 there was more open range cattle in Florida than in Texas and all the other states combined. It took a special breed of man to live there, and an even harder man to survive. Hunter James Dolin, half white and half Indian, was such a man. He was a gambler by trade and a gunslinger of necessity and attracted trouble wherever he traveled. But with his 2 Colt Walkers and Bowie knife, he could handle almost anything. Excerpt: About ninety miles back and a few days earlier, in the Crackerjack Saloon along the Withlacoochee River, Dolin's ace-high straight flush had beat one of the three outlaws' full house. He won fair and square – two ounces of gold and a just 'broke in' Henry rifle. These days that was more than reason enough to kill a man. ..."Thank you, Gentlemen. It's been a pleasure." The man at the table to Hunter's left, the one who just lost his Henry rifle, had stood and replied angrily, "Do you think we're just gonna' let you walk on out of here, half-breed?"


Publication Date
May 13, 2012
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Bret Lee Hart



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