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How to do EFT with Cally

ByCarol Dodsley

In “How to do EFT with Cally” Carol Dodsley creates a unique guide just for girls, that focuses on overcoming anxiety and boosting self esteem. As she explains, The main character Cally is a great cool kid school girl character, who turns blue worm when she is sad. Cally explains to children what they should do to help overcome their blues. “All you have to do is – tap some special spots on your head and body, say what is making you feel blue, and remember that you are a really great kid.” By engaging the EFT method, children can easily gain control of their emotions. “EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an energy healing technique. It has been widely used and the results have been positively dramatic” Throughout the storyline, the author provides a series of charts and graphs to assist children in this technique. The author uses language that is easy to follow and is appropriate for young children. The lessons taught can easily be implemented into daily life.


Publication Date
Jun 29, 2009
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Carol Dodsley



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