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Get Over Your Stress

Learn How to Prevent, Manage and Overcome Stress, Free Yourself from Worries and Definitely Take Control of Your Emotions with this Practical and Specialized Guide

ByChristopher Páez

If you want to learn to manage, control and overcome stress effectively and definitively, without failing in the attempt, you are in the right place. Would you like to know how to best handle and control the worries, responsibilities and stressful situations in your life? Do you not know how to control your stress and you think it is impossible because you have been with this problem for a long time? Do you want to be calm and know how to act when faced with a difficult problem or situation? This book is the solution for you to learn to prevent, control, overcome stress and make it an ally. With this practical guide you will learn how to deal with problems, difficulties and stressful situations in the best way, maintaining your peace of mind at all times and managing your emotions. According to studies, 77% of the American population cannot control stress and suffer from all the symptoms of the condition. Surely many of them believe that stress is not treatable, that it is part of their personality, but they are wrong. Of course it can be treated and overcome; stress is not a way of life, nor is it a characteristic of personality. It is a problem that must be treated and controlled. Through this book you will find that: Stress is almost a global pandemic. Concerns can be controlled step by step Stress is the cause of making wrong decisions You may be suffering from stress and not know it When you decide to treat it, you can learn to control it. It affects your mind, spirit, body and relationships with others. There are techniques to treat it and it is easier than you imagine; you just need to want to do it. Stress can lead to other, more serious problems if left untreated. There is a good stress, and that's what we are aiming for. You can control and overcome stress persistently.


Publication Date
Jun 24, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Christopher Páez



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