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Bound And Taken

ByCrimson Rose

Explicit Content
DESCRIPTION: The soundest of sleepers, Kristen was blissfully unaware of just how drastically her life was about to change. She did not hear the vehicle pulling into the driveway. She did not hear the front door open or the alarm going off to signify there was an intruder in the house. She did not hear the footsteps of the men moving through the house or their hush banter as they searched. EXCERPT: Waking to the smells of steak, potato and green beans, Kristen’s stomach rumbled with hunger. Well, at least they’re feeding me well, she thought as the cage rattled at her feet. “Wake up sleepy head,” the only voice she had heard since being kidnapped spoke. “You will get on all fours, turn around and eat your meal like the bitch that you are. If you use anything but your mouth you’ll be severely disciplined. The bowl on your left is food and the one on the right is water. Do you understand your instructions, slave?” “Y-Yes Master.” “Good girl. You have fifteen minutes to eat before your training resumes.” Blindly feeling her way around the cage, Kristen found the bowls and like a starving animal lowered her face into the left one and did her best to gobble up a tender, juicy cut of medium-rare steak and a bit of rosemary mashed potato. After a few bites, she lapped up some water and then blindly looked about. “Master, why are you doing this to me? How did you get into my house without setting off the alarm? Please, I just want to go home. I haven’t seen your faces. You’ve had your fun. Please… please just take me home.” “Why are we doing this? Come on Kailey you know exactly why we’re doing this. But nice try playing the victim. You’re really selling it.” Kailey? Oh god! “I’m not Kailey, Master. I’m her twin sister Kristen!” “Right. Eat up and no more talking, slave.” “I’m serious Master. Kailey is my identical twin sister and she’s currently lying in the hospital barely clinging to life thanks to Covid! Please, you have to believe me! You kidnapped ne, repeatedly abused and subjected me to torture. Please just take me home and I’ll forget all about it.” “Sure you will. We have the video you make, Kailey, and we’re going to follow it to the letter whether you like it or not and no matter how much you plead to be set free. Or have you forgotten the very specific instructions that you gave us?” “I’M NOT KAILEY! If you have a video then show me! I demand to see it right now!” “That can be arranged,” the man replied “And I want to see it with my own ey


Publication Date
Feb 27, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Crimson Rose



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