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Redemptive Beauty Ebook

Healing the Layers

ByCynthia Collins

Redemptive Beauty. What if we could look back to look forward? We look back only to be healed and see our true destiny, calling, identity, worth, purpose, a fire and passion to live again. What if we are no longer identified or are known by our mistakes, self inflicted wounds or the wounding of others? This is Redemptive Beauty. A place where the wounds of the past…are used to produce a life beyond healing and transformed by our Creator for His original purposes (2 Corinthians 5:17). Redemptive Beauty…healing the layers…as though the wounding never happened yet each wound can be used to set those still bound in captivity free, bringing hope and new life. One woman’s story… “Abortion did not end my “problem”. It added to my pain. In my pain, the layers and lies of abortion have been removed as I’ve taken time to be still and to ask Jesus to heal my heart…and my life… receiving His love and forgiveness…hope, new life…transformed, changed by His love, layers of pain healed…from ashes to living in His redemptive beauty…healing from inside out…”


Publication Date
Jul 30, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Cynthia Collins



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