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Organizing Creativity (ebook, PDF version)

ByDaniel Wessel

Creativity, deliberately creating something that is new and useful, is more than just one idea. Whether in art, science, or for private creative projects, a good idea needs countless other ideas. An idea for a plot needs ideas for characters, settings, and dialogues, an idea for a study needs ideas for dependent variables, instructions, and materials. And even private projects need to be fleshed out. To deal with these ideas and to actually realize the projects, creativity needs an unlikely ally — organization. In this book, we look at creativity, organization, ways to organize creativity by mastering the topic, generating ideas, capturing ideas, collecting ideas, realizing and archiving creative projects, and at tools, general tips, and resources. This book aims to enlarge your options when working in science, art, or on commercial/private projects, to improve the chance of realizing creative projects. The focus is on creating the infrastructure for having ideas and realizing them.


Publication Date
Apr 30, 2012
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By (author): Daniel Wessel



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