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The Message within the Coat

ByDaphne Patellis

The Message Within the Coat A story about a young woman named Pat who visits the corner store everyday to find second hand clothing. One day she finds this one coat in particular that really caught her eye. After arriving back at home, she puts it on and notices a loose thread and goes to remove it, but then realizes it's not a loose thread and it is actually a message sewn into the inside of the coat. It read, "Help." Pat goes on a long journey to try and find the owner of this coat, because she wants to find out what happened and why they needed help. Our Trip to Boston A story about the time my sister and I flew to Boston to stay with our family for winter break. It tells all the activities we did and new things we saw. A 2nd Home A story about Bay Lake, Minnesota and how it is like a second home to me. I go their for holidays or special events and always have an amazing time. I love when our family gets together because it is always a great time.


Publication Date
May 18, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Daphne Patellis



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