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Blind in One Eye

Blind in One Eye

ByDavid Ford

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Where was my brother, the one born seven years before me but kept by my birth parents? Was it really possible that, after the lifetime I'd spent wondering about him, he was the guy a friend had just seen on the subway – the one who supposedly looked like my older twin? Finding my brother would soon feel like a naïve goal. His secretive and frightened parents had far more to hide than I could have imagined, and they had worked hard to maintain the elaborate facade of an ordinary family. Breaching their defenses would trigger events that quickly took control of my life. Blind in One Eye is the true story of an adoptee finding, and being absorbed into, a shockingly troubled birth family – a story about abruptly leaving behind life as an only child. But it's also the story of someone with focused and demanding expectations who learns to see other possibilities, to see that the answers he actually gets in life might be more important than the ones he thought he wanted.


Publication Date
Aug 24, 2010
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): David Ford


Linen Wrap
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