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Shipwreck of the Singular

Healthcare’s Castaways

ByDavid Healy

Life Expectancy in the West has been falling since 2015. Linked to this, the climate of healthcare has become toxic. This crisis, as urgent as global climate change, has its roots in the same factors that drive climate change. Shipwreck of the Singular looks at our changing environment through a healthcare lens rather than an economic one. One advantage to this is that each of us are better placed to put right what is going wrong in the climate of healthcare than we are to tackle the global climate. In tackling what needs changing in health, we may solve our wider climate crisis. This book does not come with recommendations from people of distinction, or experts who have turned a blind eye to developments that have landed us in the mess we now have. The people best placed to grasp what is going wrong and force our ‘betters’ to justify the distinctions that have been bestowed on them are those whose lives have been touched by what is going wrong in healthcare. Shipwreck shows you how we got to the point of peril we are now at. It points to a Care that needs courage. A book won’t get us there. It needs you to engage and engage others.


Publication Date
Feb 2, 2021
Science & Medicine
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By (author): David Healy



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