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Beauty Without the Beast-Secrets to Ageless Beauty Book

Beauty Without the Beast-Secrets to Ageless Beauty Book

ByCherie BenjaminDavid Moulin

Beauty Without The Beast, is a no fuss book packed with real beauty gems. Forget the surgeon and sheath the scalpel. Get the wow, I thought you were her younger sister, jaw dropping, model skin, trim tummy, tight tuchis Halle Berry sexy skin, in less time than it takes to say ‘bin the Botox’. Including the key to unlock the ‘VF colour code’ and the secret cut price, vitamin packed cleansing oil, a must for any skin type. This laugh out loud guide will help you discover what to drink, eat and quick fixes that will leave your hair and skin glowing without empting your bank account or zipping out for a quick ‘nip and tuck’. And we haven’t forgotten the guy’s. From smooth shaves to clever last minute moisturisers, dry skin solutions and the best alcohol free aftershaves, our ‘just for men’ special will get the man in your life temptingly toned. Your beautiful blossoming bod is begging to break free, so start reading and unleash your ravishing beauty today!


Publication Date
Dec 1, 2013
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Cherie Benjamin, By (author): David Moulin



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