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What Is The Church

ByDavid Wise

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What is the church? We sometimes talk about “the church” in vague terms, but I’ve questioned myself recently if we really understand what the church actually is, what it’s supposed to be, and what the Lord intends from his elect, called out people. What does the church actually look like? How is it supposed to function? What are we supposed to be doing when we meet together publicly as a church, but then what are we supposed to be doing as the church throughout our daily lives? In America, I’m afraid that church has become an event we attend once a week, instead of who we are. When you are asked what you do on Sunday mornings, your answer is probably similar to mine: “We go to church.” There’s not anything wrong with this answer; it’s somewhat correct. We assemble as the church in our church building and facility, and we engage in public worship on Sunday mornings. However, the church is so much more dynamic and life-encompassing than just something we “go to” once a week. The church is not just one event on our schedule that we attend for a few hours each week, check that box, and then proceed to the rest of our busy daily schedules. Church is not merely something “we do” once a week, but rather the church is “who we are.” We are the body of Christ. Church is not simply a weekly event we attend, but church is a life we live.


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Sep 29, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): David Wise


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